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Hello, Erin from Constant Elevation Seeds here. We’re all organic, soil grown and heavily focused on making and developing unique crosses that provide a wide range of effects and benefits, both medical and recreational. I’ve been breeding for over a decade and I’ve amassed a decent amount of genetics that I’m now eager to share with the masses. I truly believe in this plant and everything it has to offer us. We will always strive to create the highest quality seeds possible.

And of course our disclaimer: These are for souvenir purposes only. Constant Elevation Seeds takes no responsibility for any illegal use of products purchased from us. DO NOT GERMINATE unless it is legal to do so where you reside.

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Another one ! If you want some unique creations try constant elevation!

Everything went great! Awesome to do business with! Thanks

Pat about listing Cindy Tsu- 15 pack 2 months ago.

Thank you for the great comms, freebies, and kind words!

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