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I've been collecting genetics for nearly 20 years. Nothing I list has been acquired through Strainly, but rather through connections I've made throughout my growing career. Several of my cuts came direct from well known growers/breeders. I'm very confident in the authenticity of all my offerings.

All pictures are my own.

I also have other stuff not listed. Ask what's currently available.

Discount on multiple cuts.

NO .


Snips are sent 'dry' via Katsu's method, minus the dvd case:

search "icmag sending clones best way" to go to Katsu's thread on the topic. Links are not allowed here.

Essentially, snips right into a ziplock bag and then into a small priority mail box, or for larger s I use a mini tackle box that fits perfectly into a priority bubble mailer. I've successfully sent snips all over the country, from Alaska to Hawaii to Florida, and everywhere in between with this method.


Upon arrival, to prevent droop or other problems cloning... I highly recommend you trim off excess foliage, re-snip the bottom, place in a cup of clean/filtered/ro water, and place the gallon freezer bag they came in over the top to act as a dome. This takes transpiration pressure off while they rehydrate and plump back up. Leave them like this overnight, or until they regain their natural shape. Then clone as usual.

Rooted Cuts are available upon request. Cost is $20 extra (Priority Express shipping). Pre-payment required. Usually takes 3 weeks.

License #: License #MP281309

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The other reviews are truth, beautiful large cuttings of 6 different strains and 100% are good to go at 10 days, and Cloudlife even says he's got my back if they have issues, that's too cool thanks CC!. Highly recommended!

MJGreen about listing Grapefruit 8 days ago.

Things went smooth and I’m very satisfied with the experience .. shipping was quick , packaging was good , the cuts came super clean , no bugs or molds that I’ve seen as of yet .. all with current negative viroid tests which was huge since that’s running rampart in the community right now , if you were on the fence about ordering from cloud life , don’t hesitate . He is good peoples and a great strainly member .. I’m about to make another order myself soon. Thanks again ..

Kriss about listing Chem D 11 days ago.

Big ol’ snips, arrived super quick and in great condition. They seem suuuuuper healthy. Thanks again!

Daniel about listing Grapefruit 12 days ago.
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