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Welcome to my profile. I've been collecting genetics for nearly 20 years. Nothing I list has been acquired through Strainly, but rather through connections I've made throughout my growing career. Several of my cuts came direct from well known growers/breeders. I'm very confident in the authenticity of all my offerings.

I have experience with just about every bug and pathogen there is. Rest assured, I'm well on top of all potential threats to my garden. Your snips or clones will be arrive clean and healthy.

All pictures are my own.


$200 for one

$350 for two

3 or more for $150 each

Shipping is $10 for snips, and $30 for rooted cuts (Priority Express)




Snips are sent 'dry' via Katsu's method, minus the dvd case:

search "icmag sending clones best way" to go to Katsu's thread on the topic. Links are not allowed here.

Essentially, snips right into a ziplock bag and then into a small priority mail box, or for larger s I use a mini tackle box that fits perfectly into a priority bubble mailer. I've successfully sent snips all over the country, from Alaska to Hawaii to Florida, and everywhere in between with this method.


If you're ready to buy, check How it Works

Packages are sent Tuesdays, first thing in the morning.

Upon arrival, to prevent droop or other problems cloning... I highly recommend you trim off excess foliage, re-snip the bottom, place in a cup of clean/filtered/ro water, and place the gallon freezer bag they came in over the top to act as a dome. This takes transpiration pressure off while they rehydrate and plump back up. Leave them like this overnight, or until they regain their natural shape. Then clone as usual.

Rooted Cuts are available upon request. Clones arrive in rockwool cubes and are fully hardened off to outside ambient air. No dome needed.

Pre-payment required. Usually takes 3 weeks.

-Shipping is $30 (Priority Express)

License #: License #MP281309

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Smooth transaction, clean healthy snips, and fast shipping.

12/12 Seed Company about listing Chem D 2 days ago.

Great cuts, great communication. Solid dude.

Daniel about listing Chem 91 SKVA 18 days ago.

Awesome communication, awesome shipping, awesome library!!!!! Thanks bro for sharing!!!!

Matthew about listing Grapefruit 21 days ago.
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