Cosmic Preservations

Cosmic Preservations

We only work with cultivars that create positive change in our mindset and physical health .

All the mothers we breed with have proven medicinal effects and create potent flower and extracts

Our favorite cultivar s and the males we are currently working with :

History of Starberry :
Starberry strain was the result of crossing a male Stardawg (Chemdawg triple backcrossed) grown from a Chemfather seed with a Strawberry Cough female originally made by Kyle Kush man with Top dawgs stardawg and Kyle's Strawberry cough

The Starberry looks similar to its Strawberry Cough mother but has more of a dense, OG look to it .

The Starberry strain has a unique terpene profile that is sweet and pungent, like pepper sprinkled on a bed of gasoline-doused strawberries.

Effects body numbing, Euphoric
Suggested medical use pain , ptsd, insomnia , anxiety

1: We took a Candy land male and hunted a Male we call SB66 :
all his offspring have added mouth coating flavor to the smoke and a more open bud /calyx structure making great for outdoor /DEP grows

2: SOGs SSH clone feminizing project and a regular seed project with SOGs SSH clone x SSH TKNLHAZE
Will be available now

3 :mango mintality sativa feminized preservation

Will be ready late 2023

Freebies always included
Shipping in US 10 dollars with tracking

Clones available shipping to west coast and Midwest only

Platinum GSC
Platinum key lime pie
Ghost OG
Fire OG
Motor breath 15
Starberry cough
Strawberry cough
Starberry x Candyland
Jet fuel OG
Hazmat OG
Marshmallow OG
Wedding cake
Pacific Coast Fire (PCF)
Silver Haze BX
Cherry Lime Soda
Legend OG
Chile Verde
AJ Sour diesel
Platinum kush Mints

Cosmic Kashi depending on weight

Seeds are strictly for Souvenir and Novelty purposes only. Germination of seeds is strictly limited to countries, states, or provinces in which it is legal to do so. We accept no responsibility or liability for any use that does not comply with local, state and federal law.
All seeds are considered Hemp not exceeding more than 0.03 %
Use of suffoil x in our IPM regimen. Do not use sulfur based foliar products for 14 days as these can cause severe phyto toxicity

License #: C10-0000610-LIC
Payment and shipping: Cash or money order only

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Great quality and fast shipping!!!

Jorge about listing Cosmic Kashi biostimulant Bokashi mix 2 months ago.

Great quality and fast shipping and they even send some freebies…. Thanks again

Jorge about listing Cosmic Kashi biostimulant Bokashi mix 4 months ago.

Delivered superfast. Generous amount of freebies! Thank you!Very smooth transaction. I highly recommend Cosmic Preservations

Bedroom Breeders about listing Ghost OG x Starberry 8 months ago.
Cosmic Preservations