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Hello....Welcome to In The Sticks Garden

As a grower and caregiver for over 25 years, I have been providing healthy , AFFORDABLE genetics to the community.

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Rooted in 4x4 pots in BioAll soil

Dog Walker OG
Super Silver Haze
Dripping Sprinkles
King Sherb
Dole Whip
Biscotti Mintz
White Truffle
Glitter Bomb
Sour Diesel
Triple Burger
Wonka Bars
Blueberry Switchblade


*Most strains on the mother list are available *


Any 3 plants....$225 shipped
Any 6 plants....$375 shipped


Free USPS/UPS Two Day Shipping
(Next day available for $25 extra cost)

Canada …. Next day shipping …,$75 (most Zip codes)

Shipping Available. (rates vary….. most countries $100)


All mothers are tested for HLVD by Terminus Bio

Athena IPM weekly

Airoclean420 units in each room


  • Dripping Sprinkles - (Sprinklez X RS-11) X (The Drip(Copy’S Cut))

  • Wonka Bars - (GMO x Mint Chocolate Chip)

  • Triple Burger - Archive Cut (GMO x Double Burger)

  • Tropicana Cherry - Relentless breeder cut -
    (Tropicana Cookies x Cherry Cookies)

  • GMO - Dark House Cut -(Chemdawg D x GIrl Scout Cookies)

  • White Truffle - BeLeaf Cut (GG4 X Peanut Butter Breath)

  • Sour Diesel - Weasels/Albany Cut

  • Cuban Black Haze PCG Cut - (NL #5 x Haze)

  • Super Silver Haze - 2004 Amsterdam CatPiss Cut

  • Dole Whip - Two Friends Genetics Cut - (Tropic Truffle x Cookies n Cream)

  • Grapes & Cream - Cannarado Genetics
    (Grape Pie X Cookies & Cream) - Phinest

  • King Sherb - Made Under Pressure Genetics Cut - (OGKB x Blue Sherbert)

  • Biscotti Mintz - (Biscotti x Mintz)

  • Chem 4

  • Apple Fritter - Lumpys Cut - (Sour Apple x Animal Cookies)

  • Glitter Bomb - Norcal IC Mag x Compound Genetics Cut - (Grape Gas #10 x OGKB Blueberry Headband)

  • DogWalker OG - (Albert Walker and Chemdawg 91) - fresh out of tissue culture

  • Blueberry Switchblade - (Strawberry Switchblade x Blueberry OG) x ('95AK47 x Blueberry OG)

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Clones arrived very well packaged and in great health. Always great doing business with The Sticks Garden

Top quality, super healthy, expertly packed with fast shipping. Also a great person to work with.

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