Cosmic Kashi biostimulant Bokashi mix

Bokashi is a wheat bran substrate that has been inoculated with the consortium of probiotic beneficial microorganisms known as EM 1

We take it a few steps further as Cosmic Kashi is mixed with natural plant biostimulants and mineral inputs and fermented to increase beneficial microbiology and biologically available minerals and nutrients to your plants

Cosmic Kashi is food for your soil that has been put through a solid state fermentation. Cosmic kashi infuses fermented plant biostimulants , prebiotics multi-vitamin and mineral complexes back into the grow medium or plant stomata

Cosmic Kashi has many uses. Foliar spray, compost tea, soil amendment or top dressing! All these methods will feed a wide consortia of beneficials in your ecosystem.

Small batch Artisan Crafted in the United States
This Product has many biostimulants to feed your soil and plant and stimulate secondary metabolite functions
In resin producing plants it increases oils and terpene production

Beet root juice
Multivitamin /prebiotic minerals
Azomite,basalt ,glacial rock dust
Reminineralized water
Humic acid
Powdered malted Barley

For new soil mixes and homemade mixes add 1 cup per ½ yard of soil or 1/2 tbsp per 5 gallon soil and allow to sit for 21 + days if your soil is a new mix

1/2 cup per 5 gallons of water +2 tbsp of molasses for soil drench

Strain and dilute 1 to 1 for foliar spray
250 ml water to 250 ml Cosmic kashi tea

1 lb bag per offer shipping not included

Plants shown grown with once a week Cosmickashi tea and water . Nothing else

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