Freakshow Autoflower F5 regs. 13 seeds. Free USA Shipping.

I'm working on reverse a nice female this generation, and use her on the others, and make F6R1 auto seeds, and also use it to BX to the F1 auto/photo BX seeds to get 50% autoflowering plants with even better pinnate leaves.

These are kind of slow to veg, but they're 100% Freakshow, and 100% autoflowering.

The F4 mother of these seeds tested out at 20.51%, and 3.99% Terps! Amazing!
I tried 3 different batches, starting the seeds in soil, rapid rooters, and the paper towel method.
I had the best success with the paper towel method, but look on YT and in the search bar paste- Germinating a Cannbis Seed Wed in a pot .
That's the best paper towel tutorial ever!
I had problems with the seedlings growing upside down, starting straight in rapid rooters.
If you plant in soil, be prepared to wait a week or more!

We finally have the Freakshow by Shapeshifter in autoflowering form.
It took over 1000 plants, but we finally got it!

These finish in about 12 weeks from seed.

This strain has Super strong terpenes!
It's an energetic, Sativa dominant, and high cannabinoid strain (21-23%).
I'll put up a copy of the Canna Profile in the pics.

You can find my full Freakshow grow journal playlists on YT, look up "Pollen Sax".

The History-
Shapeshifter sent 7 East Genetics some F8 Freakshow seeds, and they did an open pollination of 22 females, and 16 males, and made, and sold the F9 seeds.
My friend grew the some F9's, and made me F10's, and also used the male to pollinate one of my autoflowers I sent him.

I tried using the Punnet square for this, but it didn't come out right for me, and I got confused trying to do a double recessive trait with it.

The original cross-
I reversed a Fastbuds Gorilla Cookies, and crossed it with a RQS’ Green Gelato auto, and called that Auto Flytrap fem.
I sent some to a friend.
He grew out those fem seeds, and at the same time he was growing F9, Freakshows from 7 East genetics.
He took a male FS and pollinated the Flytrap auto just for the hell of it, and sent me the F1 seeds from those (as well as some pure F10, Freakshow photo seeds).

The F1 Freakshow X Autos were all normal looking, photoperiod plants.

With the F2's I ended up getting about 1 in 32 with FS leaves (I was expecting 1 in 16), and about 1 auto FS out of 100 total plants.
Out of roughly 500 seedlings, I ended up with 19 FS, and only 3 or 4 autoflowering Freakshows, all males, and 1 of those males was a hermy, so I got rid of it.

I put a F2 female FS that was showing her pistols first, before the other females, into 12/12, and pollinated her with an autoflowering male FS.
The female had a 25% chance of being 100% photo, but a 75% she was Photo/auto.
Luckily she was a Photo/auto, because 50% of her offspring autoflowered, and every one that I planted had FS leaves.
So the F3's were all showing the FS leaves, and almost half autoflowered.

The F4's are from 1 autoflowering FS male, and 2 autoflowering FS females.

These F5's are from my best female auto Freakshow, and make slightly darker, and larger seeds than the Photoperiod Freakshows.
I let em go a week or two longer to be sure they’re ripe, and pinch every one to be sure they're solid.
These F5 auto reg seeds look a lot like white millet seeds in bird food, but they're not as white.

Payment- Cash App (See my Profile page for details).
Thanks for all your support!

USA Shipping only- $5 First class PKG with tracking, or $9 Priority Mail.

Varietal type: Hybrid
Gender: Regular
Alpha Humulene
Alpha Pinene
Alpha Terpinene
Beta Caryophyllene
Beta Pinene
Gamma Terpinene
Nerolidol 1
Nerolidol 2
Flowering: Auto-Flowering
Yield: Medium
Height: Medium
Indoor / Outdoor:
Quantity available: 2