Swamp Skunk 47 Breeder keeper cut 10% off

Swamp Skunk 47 Limited Release
(Just like our Swamp Skunk we’ve had around for the last 12-15 years, this will also be a limited release this year)
As of September 6th 2022, we will be releasing 6 clones and only 6 clones.

Lineage: Swamp skunk (Green Crack Cush cut x ‘81 Florida Heirloom Skunk) x Pre ‘09 Serious Seeds AK47

Flowering: 69-74 Days

Height: Medium-Medium/Tall

Yield: 1.75-2.5lbs/KW

Stretch: 2.5+ upon 12/12

Smell/Flavor: Intense rotten, fermented, week old road kill left in the South Florida sun, light fermented lime and grapefruit with a hashy floral back end

In much the same fashion as our Swamp Skunk, this strain will be released as a limited release.

This strain, Swamp Skunk 47 came about around 3 years after the original Swamp Skunk. Since Swamp Skunk was created by our owner and master breeder upon request by our affiliate growers (those of which are now SSSCo employees) more than 12 years or so ago, they all said we hit the bullseye for what they were asking for. The single and only criticism was Swamp Skunk didn’t yield as much as they’d hoped. Consensus was Swamp Skunk was absolutely perfect for that old school skunk, but they wanted a heftier yield, as most growers do.

The owner set out to then keep all of the Swamp Skunk traits intact, but add a lot more density and in turn add a much heavier yield. Most of all the goal was to keep the Swamp Skunk traits including smell, flavor and effect while adding quite a bit of yield. This is what all breeders set out for. The utmost quality, smell, flavor, keeping the mothers traits at the forefront while only adding that yield potential.

By taking the Swamp Skunk breeder keeper, then popping more than a dozen packs of Pre 2009 Serious Seeds AK47, flirting with several potential options, crossing those males to the mother Swamp Skunk, then growing out those crosses from the males that were deemed keepers… he found the perfect male. This male imparted his extremely dense calyx formation but he let the mother plant shine through.

So after a couple of years, he found the perfect male, the perfect mix and the perfect generation that allowed the Swamp Skunk mother to shine through. This batch solidified that it was indeed possible to get the mother plant to shine through with all of her glory and old school traits while only adding extreme density to the bud structure and calyxs. From this point the owner then proceeded to breed out any extra traits from this recessive AK47 male while retaining those renowned traits that make Swamp Skunk a winner.

After several years the end result of the breeder keepers, the breeding out of AK47 traits made a strain that kept the density and yield of the AK, while only adding a slightly hashy tone and floral scent to the cross. With an astounding boost to resin production. All of the Swamp Skunk was kept as far as potency, structure, flavor and smell.

After several generations of breeding and several years spent on this cross, the keepers were some of the most coveted cuts in the Tampa Bay area. They produced the massive yields that everyone wanted, the resin production believe it or not actually increased and the flavor and smell only gained a hashy tone with a floral-ness to it. Other than that, what was created was a very heavy yielding old school style skunk. Which over the past 12-15 years has proven to be a grower favorite.

This cross has only ever been released in small batches, though growers across the country that did get their hands on it coveted it highly.

In this instance we are releasing breeder keepers of that original keeper pheno that was created over a decade ago. This is another that keeping with SSSCo tradition, will be released in a small batch. It’s been 5 or so years since this strain was last released. When these are gone, they may not return anytime soon.

This plant MUST be supported while growing. It’ll grow into a small Christmas tree style (topping is advised for multiple heavy colas) and gain 2.5x’s its size from when flowering is induced. It will grow SOG happily but must be staked. It’s equally happy being topped and SCROG’d. The sheer weight of the buds can not be supported by the plant alone. It must be supported.

Whether you’re into SOG plants that finish around 3-4ft tall or you’re into topping and SCROG’ing massive bushes, this plant is happy either way. She will fit almost any growing style.

Varietal type: Self-pollinated
Gender: Feminized / Female
Flowering: 60 - 70 days
Yield: High
Height: Tall
Indoor / Outdoor:
Quantity available: 6