Life Hack (Compound Genetics | Free Shipping!)

Life Hack (Compound Genetics | Free Shipping!)

This is a verified clone of LIFE HACK (Wedding Crasher x Jet Fuel Gelato) bred and by Compound Genetics by combining their mega winning Jet Fuel Gelato with the new classic, Wedding Crasher, to create a hot new twist.

The Berry Terpenes and Flavanoids of this extraordinary cultivar transfer beautifully to concentrate via solventless extraction. Some of the best hash we've ever had!

These clones were produced by an award winning nursery based in hollywood using mothers taken from tissue culture or 1 generation removed from TC and made available to us at our Distribution Center, which is where we procured these clones and make them available for the world wide market.

we have transplanted these clones to 3" grodan cubes to allow them to establish strong root networks which allows them to travel around the world to arrive safely and healthily at your door for up to 10+ days in a box.

Standard shipping is included in the listed price and we will replace any clones that are not viable upon arrival

Cultivar details:
* Producers - Compound Genetics
* Lineage - Wedding Crasher x Jet Fuel Gelato
* Predominant Terpenes - Sweet grape, bright cherry, leaves this beautiful mouth watering WILD BERRY sensation that is both terpene and flavonoid meaning the berry flavor comes in when smoked.
* Flowering Period (Days)- 65-70

A hype cultivar from the creative minds over at Compound Genetics which is sure to bring in accolades and awards and if you need that new cali fire before it saturates the market this is the cut you need!

Her solvent less flavor and punch and truly unique terpene expression has earned this cut a rare place in our mother space.

We've grown Life Hack and she has one of the brightest fruitiest terpene profiles we've ever smelled. She is positively mouth watering!

Varietal type: Hybrid
Gender: Feminized / Female
Flowering: 60 - 70 days
Yield: High
Height: Tall
Indoor / Outdoor:
Quantity available: 1