Gelonade (Connected Cut | Free Shipping + 1 Free Clone)

Gelonade (Connected Cut | Free Shipping + 1 Free Clone)

It's a new year and for the ENTIRE MONTH of January we will be including a FREE and LABELED Mystery Clone in every box we ship!

We've got a lot of hot cultivars on hand needing new homes this yearfrom Archive's Rainbow Beltz legendary cuts of Sour D, we've got several OG Kush phenos, multiple Compound Genetics flavors, and so much more ready to be added to any order you place with us for free!

All "Mystery" Clones CLEARLY LABELED, well rooted, and chosen at random from the extra stock we have on hand the day we ship out your order.

Message us to inquire for the full list of cultivars we have available within our coop.

This is a verified clone of GELONADE (Lemontree x Gelato 41) the cut bred and selected by Connected that took 2019 by storm a multi cup winning "sativa" or Equatorial strain that leans more towards the Lemontree than the Gelato in its lineage.

PTG and our facilities in our Agricultural Cooperative have produced these clones in root riot plugs and transplanted to 3.5" nursery grow bags filled with lab tested coco amended with sterilized perlite to allow them to establish larger and stronger root systems which allows them to survive 10+ days of travel in a box and most of our orders are delivered in 72 after the package has been dropped off with the courier

Standard shipping is included in the listed price and we will replace any clones that are not viable upon arrival

We have a very generous replacement/substitution policy so if there is any issues with your plants, reach out to us and we will get a new girl out to you ASAP.

Cultivar details:
* Producers - Connected
* Lineage - Lemontree x Gelato 41
* Terpenes/Flavors - a tangy and gassy mouthful of citris and soap.
* Flowering Period (Days) - 70

The Gelonade strain took over the scene in 2019, the home of designer is in their bag with this 2018 winner for Cup’s Best Sativa flower. The bag appeal of this product is amazing with green and purple hues you’d expect out of something descendant from Gelato. There’s also an overall tinge to it with a pinkish color flirting with your eyes a bit. The structure leans more to the Gelato side with its denser, tighter nugs but everything else about her is ALL Lemontree. As soon as you crack the jar you get a pungent aroma from the Lemon Tree citrus terp background. It’s not until you begin to break down your bud that you get that classic skunky funk with a smooth and creamy finish from the gelato.


If you notice a white/yellow residue dried in grooves and or spots on the leaves of your new girls its most likely where the foliar spray dried on the leaf and is MOST CERTAINLY NOT PM.

Sulfur applications are used across many different agricultural industries around the world as it is one of the cheapest and most effective treatments for a LOT of common issues so there is no reason to be alarmed.

In fact, sulfur is so effective it eradicates PM on contact. If you're ever facing a PM issue, a Sulfur douse will solve it.

FINAL NOTE: Please allow for 7-10 days to elapse before spraying with an OIL BASED IPM treatment to avoid the possibility of a phototoxic reaction.

Varietal type: Hybrid
Gender: Feminized / Female
Flowering: 60 - 70 days
Yield: High
Height: Tall
Indoor / Outdoor:
Quantity available: 1