The Incredible Bulk (Dr. Krippling Seeds)

The Incredible Bulk Strain InfoThe Incredible Bulk strain is a feminized flower-producing machine created by the breeder Dr. Krippling. These seeds are some of Herbies bestsellers. If you ve been on the lookout for a powerhouse , look no further _ The Incredible Bulk is everything you want and more.GeneticsThe Incredible Bulk was bred to produce incredibly heavy yields while remaining easy to grow. Her lineage is star-studded with excellent strains, including Green Spirit, Big Bud, and Super Skunk. The result? Humongous plants drooping with enormous buds littered with glittering crystals.YieldsThe Incredible Bulk s name is tive of the XXL harvests you can expect! Just take our advice and make sure you have plenty of space for this big green monster. Indoors, plants can yield up 600-1000g/m2 (17.7-29.5oz/yd2), while outdoor grows can see yields of a whopping 800-1500g (23.6-44.2oz) per plant.EffectsThe Incredible Bulk is a super-sized with matching effects best enjoyed in the evening or before bed. The strain has sedative properties, leading to a state of total relaxation in the mind and body. The long-lasting high is perfect for when you just need to take a time-out from reality. And CBD LevelsThe Incredible Bulk doesn t just boast big, sticky buds _ she s also incredibly potent! With content ranging from 20-24%, this strain makes for one powerful evening smoke. Meanwhile, CBD levels stay below 1%.Smell And TasteThe Incredible Bulk s flavor profile is dominated by the terpene pinene. When smoked, the buds release a sweet, earthy flavor with smoke that smells of hash.Growing The Incredible Bulk SeedsWhen growing indoors, it s best to only allow The Incredible Bulk about 2 weeks of vegetation. Why, you might ask? If you don t limit this lady s growth, she will explode with growth later on and overwhelm your space!Indoor plants reach a height of 0.6-1m (2-3.3ft), while outdoor plants can reach colossal heights of 1.5-3m (5-10ft).This strain has a flowering time of 49-56 days, and should be harvested in mid-September when grown outdoors.Appropriate for growers of all skills levels, The Incredible Bulk is super resistant to pH and nutrient fluctuations, as well as extreme weather conditions.She also loves CO2 enhancement and hydroponic growing!Medical Properties of The Incredible BulkAs an , The Incredible Bulk is powerful against ailments that affect sleep quality. This lovely lady will kick insomnia to the curb, helping you get to sleep and stay that way until morning. However, you may need to experiment a little to find the right dose, because she sure is potent!The Incredible Bulk Seeds For SaleJust like her namesake, this strain is truly a huge, green monster! The Incredible Bulk seeds are available at a great price right here at Herbies, so you can start your growing journey with this superhero strain right away!

Varietal type: Hybrid
Gender: Feminized / Female
Flowering: <60 days
Yield: High
Indoor / Outdoor:
Quantity available: 50