HulkBerry (RQS)

HulkBerry Strain Info
HulkBerry is a unique Sativa-dominant strain that was crossbred by the breeder. Royal Queen Seeds. The gene's name not only refers to its parent strains. but also to HulkBerry's bulky. heavy growth and powerful berry-like aromas. The name may also have you asking. is HulkBerry just another name for Bruce Banner? Not quite. While the two share similar monikers. and even some parent strains and therefore certain qualities. each phenotype produces its own unique traits.
Speaking of genetics. just where does HulkBerry's exact lineage come from? This impressive phenotype has an even more impressive family tree. bred from the two classic strains OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel.
With a name like -hulk . it's no surprise that HulkBerry's indoor and outdoor yields are supersized. Ideal for either environment. expect to harvest up to 400-450g/m- (1.3-1.5oz/ft-) indoors and 650-700g/plant (23-24.6oz/plant) outdoors.
Lightweights beware. the effects of HulkBerry are as mighty as the strain's growth and overpowering aromas. The Sativa-dominants effects are highly cerebral. and come on fast with a rush of exhilarating and euphoric energy. In addition to uplifting the mood. HulkBerry increases creativity and promotes motivation. making it perfect for daytime use.
And CBD Levels
HulkBerry is quickly becoming known as one of the strongest. most potent up-and-coming strains on the market. The genetic typically produces levels reaching 27-28% and can also contain up to 1% CBD.
Smell And Taste
The aromas and flavors of HulkBerry are mind-blowing. to say the least. Not only is the sweet smell crave-worthy to the senses. but quite pungent as well. The strain has a dynamic terpene profile that produces sweet. sour. and fruity flavors with spicy diesel and earthy undertones.
Growing HulkBerry Strain Seeds
Growing HulkBerry is just as much of a delight thanks to its strong and vigorous growth. The strain is suitable for indoor or outdoor environments and treats its growers to resin-coated. beautiful mint-green nugs. High-yielding and fast-flowering. HulkBerry typically has a flowering time of under 70 days. Just keep the strain's height in mind when growing indoors. as HulkBerry can reach heights up to 140cm (4.5ft). but does also benefit from SOG or ScrOG methods.
Medical Properties Of HulkBerry Seeds
The uplifting. energizing. and mind-focusing effects of HulkBerry are ideal for a number of medical conditions - this potent strain has been shown to alleviate symptoms of fatigue. migraines. ADD. ADHD. depression. and general mood swings.
HulkBerry Seeds For Sale
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Varietal type: Hybrid
Gender: Feminized / Female
Flowering: 60 - 70 days
Yield: Medium
Indoor / Outdoor:
Quantity available: 50