Kalashni Kush (Black Friday limited release)

Kalashni Kush
Black Friday Limited Release
After December we will not offer this clone again

All clones are fully rooted and come with our arrives alive or we replace for free, guarantee.

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Lineage: Kremlin OG assassin boyz cut (verified cut) x Pre 2009 AK (Serious Seeds male)

Flowering: 65-69 Days

Height: Medium (stretches some)

Smell/Flavor: Gas, melted butter, floral, hashy

Yield: 1.6-2.0lbs/Kw


Our breeders took the Kremlin OG assassin boys cut obtained personally from Keys (old gage green member) and paired it with one of our long time running Serious Seeds AK47 males from a seed pop prior to 2009.

This AK male imparts a great yield, solid structure, manageable branching and his floral and hashy tones while letting the female shine through. We’ve also used him in other crosses like Swamp Skunk 47. Paired perfectly to our Kremlin OG assassin boyz clone.

This plant is picture perfect Kush structure, strong branching, regular branching, large flowers that will gain serious girth, swollen calyxs and a very rich and thick layer of trichs. We do suggest supporting the branches, as usual, but this strain will really pack on the weight so SCROG is advised.

Very easy to grow strain. Quite forgiving to newer growers as well or anyone that’s used to going heavy handed in the nutes. Favorable flowering time that’s commercially ready in 65 days (or as early as 63 days for calendar growers) but she really swells and lays on the trichs in the last week. If you can take her to 68 days that’s the sweet spot. She grows well in organic soil, soilless (hand watered; ebb&flow and drip) as well as all hydro methods. This plant is of the utmost quality, but is very easy to grow. Structure is very regular. Side branches grow sturdily. She roots very well and very quickly. This is connoisseur quality at entry level maintenance with a massive yield. She’s about as easy to deal with as can be.

The finished flowers will be so coated in trichs you’ll be changing gloves while trimming regularly. She’ll also gum up your scissors quickly which makes for great scissor hash for the trimmers. She will has a gassy kerosene up front smell and flavor that evolves into a lightly floral kind of like a tulip smells followed by that thick and expansive hashy smoke. Great all round smoke. Functional yet relaxing. Clear minded, but very relaxed. Great for daily anxiety relief or hectic early mornings where you need to get your head back in or out of the game. Whichever way your mind needs to go, you can function without panic.

This is a strain we will only be offering for a limited time. There are only 8 clones available. We wanted to broaden the spectrum to where newer growers that have a couple grows under their belt want someone easy to grow, great structure, great yield, very little maintenance, fantastic top shelf quality, all round smoke, quite forgiving and won’t break the bank.

Varietal type: Hybrid
Gender: Feminized / Female
Flowering: 60 - 70 days
Yield: High
Height: Medium
Indoor / Outdoor:
Quantity available: 8