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Pop genetics cuts

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ALL MOTHERS WHERE HLVD TESTED ON 5/22/2023 by myfloradna. I will happily provide lab report Just ask.

I’m glad you stopped by to check out our cuts! My IG is pop_Genetics if you’d like to check out some of my grows. I flower out all my cuts myself for QC.
If you’re looking for cheap cuts there are plenty of vendors on Strainly to get them from. If you’re looking for official, Clean, healthy, breeder cuts, and A1 customer service. You’re in the right place!! BREEDER CUTS ARE NOT CHEAP AND CHEAP CUTS ARE NOT ALWAYS GOOD “BUY CHEAP BUY TWICE” We’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars sourcing our cuts from some of the best breeders in the world. I source 90% of my cuts DIRECTLY from the breeders and the other 10% from an award winning SoCal nursery. I’ve been growing this amazing plant for over 20 years and love everything she has to offer!! I am a grower, breeder, photographer, and most importantly a lover of the plant!

We are a small grow operation, selling top of the line clones. We really enjoy working with plants in our every day life!

As a small business, we have the opportunity to really care for and nurture these plants. We really put a lot of time and effort into each and every one of them. We personally grow and flower out all of the cultivars that we sell to ensure they have perfect genetics and are up to par with what consumers want.

All of our plants are bug and pest free, treated with preventative ipm weekly. Ipm includes fogging twice a week with Athena ipm as well as bonide sulfer. We also use predatory mites periodically as a preventative.

All mothers are HLVd lab tested 3 times per year.

IG: pop_genetics
IG 2: popgeneticscuts

Cuts we currently have available:
Cap junky (breeder cut)
Dante's Inferno (Tiki Cut)
Tropicana Cherry #8 (Breeder Cut)
Animal Tsunami (jungle boy cut)
Pablo’s revenge (tiki cut)
Ravens revenge (tsunami breeder cut)
Chimera #2 (beleaf cut)
Chimera #3(beleaf cut)
Zoap (doja breeder cut)
Rs11( breeder cut)
Trop cherry Gas#2(Relentless)
Rs11 x oreoz (our breeder cut)
Dante’s inferno (mile high #8)
PERMANENT MARKER(Seed junky cut)
Sherbanger22 (Norcal breeder cut) very rare cut
Rozay (relentless cut)
Platinum punch (in house breeder cut)
Oreoz ( 3rd coast breeder cut)
Bernscotti ( cookie breeder cut) very rare cut
DULCE DE UVA (bloom breeder cut)
Dog food (cookie breeder cut) brand new stain
Black maple #22 (bloom breeder cut)
Candy fumez #6 (bloom breeder cut)
Forbidden fruit ( breeder cut)
Super runts (breeder cut)
Super buff cherry 26 (gmsl cut)
Doritoz ( my personal breeder cut)
Gasonade AKA love seeds 2.221 (beleaf cut)
Gelonaide (breeder cut)
Watermelon champagne ( Lit farms breeder cut)
Zookies (breeder cut)
Tropicana cookies (MTN Cut)
Point break (Surfer seeds breeder cut)
Purple Octane x Jealousy (Seed Junky breeder cut


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Everything went smoothly. Excellent communication and service.

Woot about listing Dante’s inferno (mile high # 8) 20 days ago.

Super seller! Communication on point, quick and reasonably priced shipping, and clone arrived super healthy. Can't ask for much more.

Great healthy clones Great communication Highly reccomend I will differently be back

David about listing Block Berry AKA (THE REAL BLOCK HEAD CUT) 3 months ago.
Pop genetics cuts