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Skunkworks Michigan

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Edit -

Good guy misunderstandings happen

Cloney Soprano about listing Texas Shoreline 20 days ago.

Einstein here wins shoreline + raspberry pebbles auction .

Einstein then says he doesn’t care for raspberry and jsut wanted the shoreline.

I send the genius ONLY SHORELINE (x2 unrooted snips like I do for all my auctions and state that my auctions are unrooted) and I don’t bother lableling because it’s 1 fucking strain but I guess that’s still a brain buster to this fella.

Easily could’ve just messaged me for a rooted since he can’t root himself I guess but fair warning to vendors reading this… Don’t expect this scholar to read your policies on auctions or you too maybe suffer from a negative review due to customer negligence LMFAO

Great Strainly member, no messing, multiple seeds requested, paid, job done. enjoy.

Skunkworks Michigan