I started collecting my first seeds at around 5 or 6 years old. I didn't even know what they were, I just knew they were something magical. I'm a 3rd generation grower and when I was a kid I remember this majestic looking purple velvet and gold stitched bag(I didn't know what Crown Royal was yet) that always hung in the kitchen door way out of us kid's reach at my uncle's house. Every morning(and lunch break)my uncle would get up for work and he would grab that magic purple bag and roll 2 or 3 cigarettes and watch the news in his chair and get ready for work. As soon as he left I would gather all the seeds he dropped on his chair and save them in pieces of tin foil. What I would do to have THOSE seeds now lol.....anyway fast forward 45 years and here I am still collecting them. Always have, always will.

Small batch. Limited,vintage and rare genetics collector. Breeding/growing/collecting/student for 28+ years.

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