Subcool The Dank

Subcool The Dank

Subcool Seeds was formed in 2017 when Subcool’s home burned down destroying literally everything he owned. Dividing the last savings between his ex-partner and himself Subcool invested his last dime in certified TGA seeds and mother plants and in less than one year rebuilt the genetics library and continue to drop the Dank on Planet Earth. Classics like Jack the Ripper and Jesus OG Kush were preserved for the future and collaborations with new breeders like Badgers Dank and Kyle Kushman have created new exciting strains.

I pride myself in helping get the best genetics into your jungle for your specific needs, I enjoy helping you discover the vast choices of different strains that help you live your best life:) Message me today and lets get your best life started:)

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Great price, the best strain, lol

Juice about listing Vanilla Tart 1 years ago.

Never received this half of my order, It's been almost 8 months since I originally ordered.

Strains Outta Detroit about listing Dawggone Sour 2 years ago.

Got exactly what I ordered. Communication could have been better, but everything turned out great. There was a little misunderstanding about name & address, so shipping was a little longer than liked, but that is attributed to both parties. I'll be ordering from these guys again, most definitely, cause these are Great people, continuing the work of a Great person.

Westie666 about listing Strawberry Daiquiri 3 years ago.
Subcool The Dank