Rasta A

Rasta A

Collector of rare and old school genetics and lover of OG gas and Skunk....

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Rasta sent my seeds the next day and included rare freebies that are always appreciated!

Really happy, there was no mention of any freebies and through our conversation I told him I was a skunk lover and he sent me a Kentucky skunk pack on top of my order, it’s my grail strain. You can’t top that anywhere! Many thanks for that, will definitely buy from him again. Not just because he gave me anything for free, because I see who he is as a person by how he is as a person in this community of ours and for the fast friendly way he conducts himself and his business. Thanks again blessings on you.

Crowseedstash about listing Mr Nice...... Shit 11 days ago.

Smooth transaction. Quick communication and even quicker transaction. Highly recommended. Thanks again & Happy Holidays.

tomistein's 501's about listing Yeti OG *Loompa Farms 3 months ago.
Rasta A