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N13 Kush Feminized has a formidable gene pool, with parent plants including G13 Hash Plant and Nicole Kush. Its 90% , 10% sativa, and the dominance comes out in the intense, relaxing stone. Like many s, the plants are compact with a fairly speedy flowering time. They also generate impressive yields. Growers can expect an earthy aroma and taste, along with hints of berry and pine. Nicole Kush can be defined as a sweet and woody flavoured strain with notes of lemon that captures the dynamism and freshness of the US fields.Growth pattern of N13 Kush Feminized This strain, developed by Sensi Seeds researchers, has an impressive parentage. Its genetic pool includes plants like Mr Nice G13 x Hash Plant (named after icon Howard Marks), and Nicole Kush both varieties having won awards in the past.Its a 90% , 10% sativa strain, and the strong genetics can be seen in the plants appearance and the relaxing, powerful high. The seeds are feminized, to avoid the presence of male plants. This makes it easier for novice growers, as theres no requirement to identify and remove unwanted plants. The strain also has a relatively short flowering time of 50 to 65 days, so the buds can be harvested fairly quickly. Like most -dominant strains, the plants remain compact, both indoors and out. That means they can be grown without detection with relative ease. Theyre also typically in appearance, with a thick central cola and plenty of bushy branches. The buds usually multiply at the nodes rather than on the branches themselves, which is another classic feature of an -dominant strain. When cultivated in the right conditions, the plants produce plenty of weighty, resinous buds, which result in a formidable harvest. Its largely the bumper yields that make this strain a popular choice for growers. The characteristics from Nicole Kush usually produce sizeable harvests, regardless of whether its grown indoors or outside. However, if growing this strain outdoors, its important to note that they require a continental climate, with plenty of warmth and sunlight. Most cultivation techniques deliver good results with this strain, such as SCROG (Screen of Green), SOG (Sea of Green), lollipopping and supercropping. Effect, taste, and smell of N13 Kush Feminized This strain is 90% and 10% sativa. As a result, the aroma, taste and effect are all very in personality, though a hint of the sativa influence can be detected. When consumed, users report a fast-acting sense of deep relaxation and warmth, which leaves them feeling both thoughtful and inspired. During the cultivation stage, the plants produce a pleasant earthy scent, with hints of rich berry and pine. This aroma intensifies as harvest-time approaches, and during the curing process. The taste is a perfect balance between the sweet flavours of Nicole Kush and the popular hashy one of Mr Nice G13 x Hash Plant, with notes of berry still very evident. N13 Kush brings together the best of US and Sensi Seeds genetics.In a nutshell Like most -dominant strains, the plants are compact and can be cultivated without drawing much attention. The scent is sweet, earthy and rich, with notes of pine and berry. Its genetic pool includes Mr Nice G13 x Hash Plant, and Nicole Kush.Mr Nice G13 x Hash Plant is named after icon Howard Marks.The stone is deeply potent, thanks to the influence of both parents.Although the strain has some natural resistance to mould and pests, care should be taken by novices to protect the plants against these issues, to ensure an optimal harvest.

Tipo de variedad: Autopolinizado
Sexo: Feminizada / Hembra
Floración: 60 - 70 días
Rendimiento: Alto
Interior / Exterior:
Cantidad disponible: 20