Swamp Skunk Breeder Cut

Swamp Skunk Breeder Cut (clone only breeder keeper)

Lineage: Green Crack Cush cut x ‘81 Heirloom Florida Skunk

Flowering: 77-84 Days

Stretch: 2.5+ stretch at 12/12

Yield: 1.5lbs per Kw

Smell/Flavor: Intense old school putrid, rotten, fermented road kill that was sprayed by a skunk and sitting on the road side for two weeks in the hot Florida sun (it’s extremely pungent; fresh carbon filters are a must during flowering; it’s an almost noxious smell)


Swamp Skunk is one of our creations dating back to the 2007-ish time range. At that time there were only those of us in the Tampa Florida circle associating with each other. This strain was created entirely by the owner/founder of Sunshine State Seed Co, with some assistance coming from those of us that sourced the mother, Green Crack (Cush cut). As well as the cat that mentored our owner providing the ‘81 Heirloom Skunk male.

Even back then, those of us in the Tampa Florida circle that were 1st and 2nd generation were looking to the now owner of our company, to create the most loud (disgusting yet pleasing to veteran smokers) smelling plant harking back to the original Skunk strains prior to them being bred so heavily toward the Afghan side for the shorter stature, faster flowering and heavier yielding. NONE of those traits were even considered here, it was all about the old school original Skunk qualities like aroma/taste/potency and bag appeal geared.

There were years, as in many years (around 3+ Upon creation to now 15 years later ) to have the very first batches finished and ready to be run by the Tampa circle. Goodness gracious, Drew didn’t disappoint! There wasn’t a single pheno that wasn’t gag inducing it smelled so strongly like foul skunk but also a rotten fermented scent with such a slight citrus back end you’d almost mistake it for a sharpness akin to rotten meats and cheeses. Yet there is the slightest floral citrus on the faint back end.

This plant was everything that was requested with a no holds barred blast from the past attitude toward making this strain. This kept all of those nasty and almost dry heaving smell and flavor profile… but it didn’t stop there. Rather easy to grow for anyone that’s got a few grows under their belt. Feeds lightly but builds up to a heavy feeding very quickly. The plant easily stretches 2.5-3 times once flowering is initiated. So if height is a restriction flower at a size that’s roughly 1/3 the size of how tall you’d like her to finish.

She gets these very thick, very expanded, elongated and large calyxs. She has a righteous structure with branching a bud structure that is so overwhelmingly covered in trichomes it’s an instant “looker”. Though the calyxs and buds seem to swell and fill in all open gaps, she is a bit light when it comes to the density factor.

Now we get to the aroma and flavor. While growing fresh carbon filters are an utter and absolute MUST! This plant is very stinky even as a 6” clone. Her scent is so prominent that in many cases with several gardeners over the years, they’ve said she makes it so you almost can’t smell any other strains. So again, fresh carbon filters are a must as she’s the queen of stank. She grows well in organic/TLO (yield and stretch are slightly less), RDWC/DWC, ebb&flow trays and/or buckets, drip drain to waste as well as recirculating drip.

It’s almost impossible to go wrong with a proper rendition of all of the old school Skunk traits while making her a bit easier to grow and flower, falling into the 12 week range. She will need staking, and while SCROG isn’t required, at least staking is required.

If you’re looking for an 11.5-12 week Skunk with all of that old school stank and gusto that Skunk had before the world decided to change the true old school skunks… this is as close to that as exists to our knowledge. Many dozens of growers have grown this strain from us since we’re the creators and fell in love with her instantly.

Tipo de variedad: Autopolinizado
Sexo: Feminizada / Hembra
Floración: 70 - 80 días
Rendimiento: Medio
Talla: Alta
Interior / Exterior:
Cantidad disponible: 5