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Hash Nerd

Who We Are

Growing outdoors in upstate NY for past 10 years. Hemp for 4 years. Conditional cultivation license holder. Grew 1 acre legally in 2022 in NY. Launched the Hash Nerd brand in 2021.

Focused on collecting cultivars that make the best hash. Always searching for the best terps. I love classic gassy chems and OGs, and exotic rare terps. I follow my nose. Then smoke it and if I like it I will try to get a cut. I only collect plants I personally enjoy. If I don't want to smoke it, I won't hold the cut. I have grown, smoked and made hash and rosin from everything I offer.

Preventative Measures
Tested annually for Hop latent Plant Viroid. We use Tumi Genomics- root samples- 100% accuracy.
Every mother in our facility is tested HLPV Negative. We follow best procedures to avoid possible HLPV spread, like using a new sterile scalpel blade for each mother plant, and changing gloves between plants.

Everything new that enters our facility is quarantined for about a month until deemed safe. It is tested for HLPV, inspected rigorously for bugs, and sprayed if there is any sign of bugs. We inspect regularly for signs of bugs and to reduce the chance of a bug outbreak. Azadirachtin / Imidacloaprid rotation for thrips, and avid /sultan/ sandmite rotation for for mites. We spray milstop, zerotol and cease preventatively for Powdery mildew.

Clones rooted in Rockwool. 2" x 2" soil plugs. about 4-5" tall.
Unrooted snips- 4 for the price of 1 rooted clone. Unrooted snips ship USPS overnight for FREE

Clone Shipping:
Priority mail FREE (2-3 days)


If you're read to buy, check How it Works

UNROOTED SNIP MENU 5/19/2023. (price is for 4 unrooted snips)
Acapulco Gold x Golden Gem $100
Apples and Bananas Compound Breeder Cut $100
Banana OG Oregon Kid cut $200
Beach Grapes $100
Blueberry Muffin x GMO $100
Cake crasher $100
Cap Junky Caps cut $250
Chem 91 $150
Chili Verde $100
Crescendo x Wilson $100
Dog Walker OG Kevin Jodrey cut $200
Duct Tape Archive Breeder Cut $100
Durban Poison Mendo cut $100
East Coast Sour Diesel Chaco cut ECSD $150
Finger Lakes Diesel #2 $100
Gloss Boss #2 $200
GMO BX3 $150
GMO Darkheart Nursery Cut $250
GMO x Rootbeer Mean Gene cut $250
Gorilla Glue #4 Josey Wales Cut GG4 $150
Grape Guava Bloom cut $250
Guava Jam $100
Hashplant 13 F4 $250
Hazmat OG $100
Headband Loompa Cut $200
JOMO (GMO x Sugar Shack) $200
Lemon Diesel $100
Lucy’s Diamonds (Strawberry Guava x Stardawg Hashplant)$100
Melted Strawberries $200
Orange Chemeleon $100
Orange Cookies $500
Papaya Bloom Breeder Cut $500
Papaya Bomb $200
Peach Pie $250
Peanut Butter Breath $100
Peanut Butter Breath x Apple Fritter $100
Shoreline Skunk $500
Sour Best Shit Ever $100
Sour Garlic Cookies $250
Stardawg Guava cut $150
Strawberry Banana 14er cut $200
Strawberry Cooler Bloom Cut $250
Strawberry Guava Bloom Cut $500
Strawberry Lemonade $250
Strawberry Bubbles $250
Sundae Driver $150
Super Skunk $100
Tangieland $100
Topanga Pure Kush $150
Triangle Kush $150
Tropicana Cherry Relentless breeder cut $200
Zkittles- 3rd Gen cut $250

Apples and Bananas Compound Breeder cut
Cap Junky
Cake Crasher
Chili Verde
Crescendo Wilson
Dogwalker OG Kevin Jodrey Cut
Duct Tape Archive Breeder cut
Durban Poison Mendo cut
GG4 Josey Wales Cut
Grape Guava
Guava Jam
Hazmat OG
Lemon Diesel
Peanut Butter Breath x Apple Fritter #1
Strawberry Lemonade

Numéro de license: OCMCAUC-2022-000185

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Smooth transaction. Thank you very much! I am excited to grow these cuts out. Puff puff pass!

Gov à propos de l'annonce Lemon Diesel il y a 12 jours.

Took a little while but I got what I needed plus some freebies

Yusuf à propos de l'annonce Topanga Pure Kush il y a 7 mois.

Communication was good, clones were healthy, had a nice swirl of roots at the bottom and packaged well

Jonathan à propos de l'annonce ECSD East Coast Sour Diesel HLPV Free il y a 8 mois.
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