Cubanville Haze (Gainesville Green x Cuban Black Haze BXll)

Cubanville Haze (Breeder cut)

Lineage: ‘74 Gainesville Green x Cuban Black Haze BXll

Flowering: 12 Weeks

Stretch: 2.5-3x’s in 12/12

Height: Tall

Yield: 1.5-1.9lbs per KW

Another strain that we originally created, and when I say “we” I mean the owner/founder, Master Breeder and Cultivation Manager worked untold hours to take the Cuban Black Haze clone and back cross her not only once, but twice so that the phenos of the CBH BXll were spot on with the Cuban Black Haze clone only.

The second back cross (Cuban Black Haze clone only x [Cuban Black Haze clone only x Cuban Black Haze clone only x Citrus Park Haze]) produced a solid pure CBH BXll male after sorting through upwards of 400 seed pops. This male is utterly identical in growth, stretch, branching and structure but a slight boost in vigor.

The owner, master breeder and cultivation manager strove to take this increasingly tall and stretchy Cuban Black Haze to a more bushy plant. While Cuban Black Haze grows like a Christmas tree, they wanted to cross the keeper CBH BXll male to our ‘74 Gainesville Green clone only to extenuate the side branching and lateral growth traits and the yield. While keeping the traits from both of the over the top potent sativas in tact.

We then popped another 180+ seeds of Cubanville Haze to find our keeper. The keeper pheno that we spent a handful of years creating, then pheno hunting, we found a very special pheno through ongoing pheno selection. We flowered out several, got our team together and sampled all of the flowers looking for the best in terms of potency and the parents traits passed down. We then reached out to our friends and asked other growers to test the phenos and let us know what they felt was the best pheno in potency while keeping the parents traits front and foremost. After the long and arduous testing period and asking others growers to test the flowers, we for sure got the proper keeper.

The plant we ultimately chose as our keeper is on par with a 45% (just a touch less than half) ‘74 Gainesville Green and 55% (again just a tad more dominant) Cuban Black Haze. Approximately at least. A bit more of the Cuban Black Haze traits carry through while retaining the Gainesville foundation.

This plant is very vigorous, grows vertically but also starts growing laterally as soon as she hits 1.5-2’ in height. Her lateral growth is more or less equal to the vertical growth. So SCROG, LST or staking is a must. She also prefers her lowers being cleaned up not quite lollipopping but cleaning the bottoms and the bases of the main branches definitely helps the yield. She will stretch at least 2.5x’s to 3x’s when 12/12 is induced.

She has rather thick buds, when compared to most Hazes. She’s still airy, but does indeed fill in the gaps of the main colas. She has a very strong vegetal, floral, rotten grapefruit funk but has an overtone of cedar, sandalwood, pine with a spicy tone of black pepper, mace, and chili pepper. The balance between the forest floral vegetal rotten citrus with the spicy, woody and earthy tone are very commonly said to be a zesty woody spicy sativa.

We generally prefer harvesting a tad bit early to keep the all mind numbing, alert, awake, heart pounding effect. Although she can be flowered longer for maximum yield. She’s a rather large plant to begin with so her yield is not underwhelming for those sativa fans. Growers should also plan for some kind of support when flowering is induced.

Type de variété: Hybride
Sexe: Feminisée / Femelle
Floraison: >80 jours
Rendement: Moyen
Taille: Grande
Intérieur / Extérieur:
Quantité disponible: 6