Preybird Farms

Preybird Farms

Preybirdfarms started as a love and a need for gardening so we could have enough food to eat. When i was a child We would grow vegetables at our house garden and at the church garden then preserve them for later so we could self sustain our family. Being poor Imigrants from New Zealand Work was hard to find for my father. Se we learned to garden to survive having 6 Brothers. So i was taught to grow food and preserve it using waterbath canning and pressure canning. We didn't go to the store much because everything was homemade. I learned as a child and through my teenage years How to work hard in the fields of my aunts commercial potato farm and our 2 gardens at home. Every summer break from we got school. Mom sent us up to the farm in idaho and thats how i gained a lot of my knowledge and experience by working on that farm. I also learned the value of hard work and making your food And after i would come back home to the city i would help take care of our huge family Gardens. Ive been growing vegetables for 37 years. I started growing on my own in 1994 growing outdoors mainly with Hash plant and Jack Herrera. Now i only grow indoors. I love to grow and make new crosses and i have gotten into cloning, propagating. And finally Breeding my own Strains! I specialize in Runtz crosses. I have been crossing and collecting pollen as well as doing tissue culture with this strain specifically for the last 5 yrs. And i maintain the lineage with seed and mother plants. I have created my strains and have test groups running them to make sure we have the best and stabile crosses. We continually test and regrow our own seeds to do quality control and now the time has come to share these fantastic strains so everyone can enjoy them as much as we Do here on the farm!

We do accept donations to Fund the Farms operational needs. Utilities and plant fertilizers and supplies and labor.

Donations accepted through venmo, cashapp, bitcoin or paypal only no credit or debit cards. bitcoin coming soon!
Shipping in the U.S. only!!

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Good dude, generous too!

Oldirtyshinobi à propos de l'annonce Ultimate white caviar (10 pack) il y a 1 an.

Great service, easy payment method, quick processing and delivery.

Jaime à propos de l'annonce Afficianados white caviar f3 X Runtz (10 pack) il y a 1 an.

so nice had some personal problems and he still came through and gave extras thanks fam I could not do this with out you guys and I am proud to work with every one and feel are family is growing we are making the difference

peter - ACCOUNT DISABLED à propos de l'annonce Ultimate white caviar (10 pack) il y a 2 ans.
Preybird Farms