Cannabea Cookies S1 (10 fem seeds per pack)

Cannabea Cookies (10 feminized seeds per pack)

Lineage: Tampa Crippie clone only x ECSD x Cookiewreck

Flowering: 63-68 Days

Height: Medium

Stretch: 2x’s in 12/12

Yield: 1.5-1.7lbs/KW (DE’s and CMH’s)

Smell/Flavor: Cocoa/Chocolate, Raspberry, Coffee, Diesel and Crisp Gasoline

Pictures courtesy of Midnight Roots and several other growers including our own pictures

In 2012 we received Cannaventure Seeds East Coast Cookiewreck, in bulk. After growing those seeds out, we found a stellar male that had standing trichomes by week 3 of flower. As many know, males that have standing trichomes in flower are gems.

We then took that specific male out of about 50+ East Coast Cookiewreck seeds and crossed him to our Tampa Crippie clone only.

By 2013 we had our first batch of Cannabea Cookies seeds. We immediately started our pheno hunt. After a couple hundred seeds, we found what we considered our keeper cut also known as our breeder cut. So when we left Tampa Florida in mid 2014, for Michigan, we knew we had to successfully get this keeper to Michigan unscathed.

Many different growers ended up growing this cut and absolutely loved her! She stretches about two times in flower, she’s a deep rich violet coloration that’s absolutely covered in a thick white layer of trichomes. Even her fan leaves are covered in a thick white layer of trichomes. She has a very good lead to flower ratio as well.

This plant, untopped, will have a large main cola bud and several secondary colas in almost a bush style pattern below the main cola. We strongly recommend staking an untapped plant, or running her topped in a SCROG style which ends up being a massive bush of dozens of main colas.

This plant is not finicky, she’s very easy to grow, under DE’s and 630 CMH’s she has a rather decent yield. She has a strong Cocoa/Chocolate, Raspberry, Coffee, Diesel and a crisp Gasoline smell. She will be insanely covered in trichomes which have such a rich deep violet coloration of the buds underneath the trichomes and even the fan leaves are covered in trichomes.

This plant has been grown by several dozens of growers and was entered by a grower with so many cups under his belt it’s hard to keep track, in the 2015 Michigan High Times Cup. She’s unparalleled in bag appeal and still to this day her potency and flavors still rival the best cup winning strains.

This plant is very easy to grow. She’s not particularly finicky in any way, though the lower the flowering temps the more rich the violet colors become. Everything on this plant is covered in a very thick layer of trichomes making the deep violet buds and the thick trichomes contract beautifully. That makes her bag appeal second to none.

We decided a couple of years ago to self this breeder keeper cut. After several runs and hundreds of test runs, these feminized, selfed seeds are sheer perfection. This strain, this feminized selfed cross, is nothing short of identical replicas (as much as selfed seeds can be) to our clone only, breeder cut.

Varietal type: Hybrid
Gender: Feminized / Female
Flowering: 60 - 70 days
Yield: Medium
Height: Medium
Indoor / Outdoor:
Quantity available: 24