Cherry Tropicana 15-pack

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The two outdoor pictures above were grown by mudballs.insta . Showing very good resistance to cold (especially for an almost pure Sativa). These were still growing on Christmas Day close to 39 degrees Northern latitude.

Cherry Malawi x Tropicana Cookies
Cherry Malawi is from Kingdom Organic Seeds and Tropicana Cookies is from Oni Seeds. Much love and respect to everyone at both of those companies.
The Cherry Malawi male was big, heavy pollen producing and it had a subtle cherry smell. The Tropicana Cookies mother was a beautiful purple pheno that smelled like concentrated orange juice.
Just got done testing this cross and there’s definitely some lovely ladies in there. A very vigorous cross with very fast vegetative growth that responds well to topping/training. For flowering you definitely need some sativa skills as this is 1/4 African land race. Lots of room for both flowers and roots to grow. I do an organic soil mix with some peat and coco in there. This hasn’t been tested in hydro yet so not sure how it will do. Overall lighter on the nutrients and don’t overwater.

The three main phenotypes are one that leans more towards the Malawi side, with more earthy and subtle cherry smells, but lots of trichome production and a very strong but pleasant sativa effect. Pheno number 2 leans much more towards the Tropicana Cookies with some purple coloration and a strong orange aroma. Nice trichomes on this one too with a pleasant and slightly more mellow sativa vibe. Pheno number 3 is a well rounded mix of both parents, but with over the top frostiness and an intense sativa effect. I topped this pheno a bunch of times and ended up with lots and lots of small colas that smell like a fruit salad. Phenos 1 and 2 are med/large yielders and pheno number 3 is a small/medium yielder. There is definitely some connoisseur level sativa expressed in this cross. I would describe everything I’ve tried so far as “happy” in effect. The overall effect when consumed is very Sativa with almost everything being felt from the forehead up.
Much love to everyone and thanks for supporting my company! Freebies with every order.

Disclaimer: Seeds are sold for souvenir purposes only. Buyer assumes all responsibility for abiding by any applicable laws. Do not germinate unless it’s legal to do so where you reside.

Varietal type: Hybrid
Gender: Regular
Alpha Humulene
Alpha Pinene
Alpha Terpinene
Beta Caryophyllene
Beta Pinene
Gamma Terpinene
Nerolidol 1
Nerolidol 2
Flowering: 60 - 70 days
Yield: Medium
Height: Tall
Indoor / Outdoor:
Sativa cultivars: Hawaiian Sativa
Quantity available: 30