Sour Chem Dubb S1 (Sunshine State Seed Co Orig)

Sour Chem Dubb S1
Sour Chem Dubb breeder cut clone only, reversed

(10 Feminized seeds per pack)

Lineage: Sour Dubble x Reversed Chem #4 breeder cut Reversed (self pollinated)

Flowering: 63-69 Days

Height: Medium-Tall

Smell/Flavor: The purest gasoline, Refined kerosene, somewhat earthy-chemmy funk, with a touch of pinesol and a Sour Diesel tinge

We have finally reversed our greatest chemmy fuely strain with the greatest bag appeal to create a selfed S1 in seed form. This is one of if not our most requested strain over the past 8 years.

Sour Chem Dubb started as one of our original in house fem crosses. It was made for the very small at the time, Sunshine State Seed Company team. After a couple hundred seed pops to find the keeper, we found that keeper pheno we agreed was our keeper. She was such a clean and crisp gasoline, clean kerosene, slightly earthy-chemmy funk that had a sour pinesol diesel back end. After the first few runs of our keeper pheno, everyone fell in love with Sour Chem Dubb (circa 2011). We then took the long time keeper clone of our in house bred, Sour Chem Dubb clone and reversed the female to pollinate the same keeper female, creating the much anticipated Sour Chem Dubb S1.

This plant has been acclaimed by the quite vast amount of people who've run her. In a posting by one of the MI cup winners than ran our SCD side by side the Gorilla Glue #4 cup cut stated our Sour Chem Dubb had more resin production/visual frost, stronger gassy smell, while the GG#4 cup cut yielded more and was more towards the purple coloration.

This plant is an absolute resin monster, resin factory, with a very intense clean gasoline/kerosene smell and flavor. She is a branchy plant that does need support whether its through staking or SCROG. Methods such as "lollipopping" or cleaning the bottoms put maximum energy into the top flowers that look like theyre drenched in trichomes. She has a low leaf to flower ratio, but will absolutely gum up trimming shears. She flowers commercially at 63 days but 67-69 days seems to be the sweet spot.

Varietal type: Self-pollinated
Gender: Feminized / Female
Flowering: 60 - 70 days
Yield: Medium
Height: Medium
Indoor / Outdoor:
Quantity available: 9