Purple Paralyzing Triangle S1

Purple Paralyzing Triangle S1

(10 Feminized seeds per pack)

These are selfed S1 feminized seeds of our Purple Para-TriKle breeder keeper clone.

Lineage: (Triangle Kush BX [our own rare purple pheno] x Purple Punch Supernova cut x Pinconning Paralyzer BX2) x Reversed (Triangle Kush BX [rare purple pheno] x Purple Punch Supernova cut x Pinconning Paralyzer BX2)

Flowering: 64-69 Days (the longer flowered, the more purple and the more dense the buds)

Height: Medium-Medium/Tall

Stretch: 2x’s in 12/12

Yield: 1.6-2.0lbs/KW

Smell/Flavor: Strong earthy, pine, lime, gasoline and fermented citrus with slight crisp apple and cedar back end

This mother, our own Triangle Kush BX was a seed that made its way to Canada back in 2017. It was popped by one of our customers that then handed it off to another buddy of his. This was one of those ultra rare, once in a lifetime phenos. This TK BX was a seed pop that was all Triangle Kush except it’s exhibited this extremely deep and rich purple, violet coloration. Otherwise it was TK in growth, structure, yield and smell. We spent a few years trying to funnel that special pheno back to the lower 48. When we finally were able to get it back, we knew we had to cross it to our Purple Punch supernova crossed Pinconning Paralyzer BX2 (Michigan cut from Pinconning). We then took this keeper pheno, reversed her, and pollinated the same keeper pheno (another clone of the same keeper). Which creates a self pollinated S1 seed of this keeper.

We were out to take a very heavy purple and very rare purple Triangle Kush BX pheno (the only purple pheno in 9 years) and cross it to the Purple Punch supernova cut (28+% ) that was crossed to our male Pinconning Paralyzer BX2. The Pinconning Paralyzer in itself is a legend in Michigan circles. Our Purple Punch supernova cut crossed to our Pinconning Paralyzer BX2 (acquired in our early days in Northern Michigan was so fire we wanted to back cross it to find a stellar true breeding male) is a very special male that usually takes somewhat dominance. We’ve yet to find that female that would pair perfectly.... until we finally got the Triangle Kush BX seed pop pheno, from our seeds, back from Canada, our neighbors to the north.

Again, we took one clone of this keeper pheno of our own seed creation, reversed her, then pollinated another clone of this same keeper pheno to create our S1, selfed, feminized seed strain.

This was the ideal match. This makes for a spectacular plant, that’s a deep purple coloration, very dense buds, a rather uniform structure throughout growing, plenty of side branches, packs the dominant TK smell and flavor, imparts a deep purple color and tips the charts. This keeper pheno, is much less finicky so to speak than TK, branches profusely, gorgeous to look at coloration wise and packs a heavy yield along with its parentage being legends of potency.

This plant can, does and is easy to grow. Indoors, greenhouse and even outdoors (watch the flowers late in the season with excess humidity and rainfall as the giant buds and density can invite bud rot) she thrives. Fantastic yield, not terribly large plants but very bushy and can get tall if allowed. She can generally support herself, but either SCROG or staking is advised. They’re reasonably resistant to pests and mold although late in flowering they can get bud rot outdoors. This is a “cash cropper” and of the highest potency.

This pheno, our keeper pheno, is that gorgeous dark violet purple, not finicky, of legendary parentage and of 28-31% . For those with even a couple grows under the belt, she’s not too finicky at all. She does enjoy a bit lower temps from mid flower to the end. She doesn’t seem bothered by 53-55 degree night temps in a greenhouse as long as she’s not in direct contact with frost, ice, snow or too much wind. Indoors she’s an absolute dream to grow during the winter months up north.

The smell and flavor is also rather unique. She has a solid grounding from the Triangle Kush BX purple pheno with the earthy musty tone, that evolves quickly into a pine and strong lime, then slowly turns to a strong gasoline, fermented citrus, crisp sweet apple then to cedar. It’s somewhat wild how she has so many facets of flavor while retaining her strong potency. The flowers get a deep dark violet, obviously deeper and darker the cooler the temps and insanely covered with frost on the buds. She creates rock hard slightly larger than golf ball to slightly smaller than baseball sized buds.

She’s a dream to grow. The flavor is so multifaceted and the potency isn’t lacking one bit. This is a cash cropper, but that perfect balance between potency, bag appeal and ease of growing.

Varietal type: Self-pollinated
Gender: Feminized / Female
Flowering: 60 - 70 days
Yield: Medium
Height: Medium
Indoor / Outdoor:
Quantity available: 9