Pig Tail Gardens - Auto Regular Tester Packs

Over the last year we have worked a handful of select autoflowering strains and created two Lines of Auto Regular Flowers with outstanding genetic lineage, which have provided us a handful of stand out cultivars we are opening up for public testing at the moment.

Our Pig Tail Gardens Auto Regular Tester Packs:
• 1-2 Auto Regular Strains (Chosen at Random)
• 5+ auto regular seeds per pack
• You can expect a 75-90 day growth cycle, from germination to harvest from most of our autoflowering strains.
• Free Shipping with Tracking.

All strains have been germination tested and grown out once. All strains offer amazing terpene profiles and throw frost early in bloom. We chose our cultivars with flavor and punch in mind and believe that each one offers exactly that.

Some of the Crosses we are testing:

  1. Plutonic Punch F2 - Viking Gardens' Galactic Hammer ♂️ x Ethos' Pina ♀️

  2. Funkadelic Jam F1 - Viking Gardens' Galactic Hammer ♂️ x their Hammer the Pie ♀️

  3. Galactic Hammer F2 - Viking Gardens' a purple Galactic Hammer ♂️ x a pink Hammer the Pie ♀️

  4. Plutonic Wine F1 - Viking Gardens' Galactic Hammer ♂️ x Meph's Double Grape ♀️

  5. Late Night Cream F2 (Ground Up Gene's cross of Meph's 4AM x Wicked Pissah's OG) - Late Night Cream F1 ♂️ x Late Night Cream ♀️ F1

  6. Midnight Gospel F1 - Late Night Cream ♂️ x Viking Gardens' Hammer the Pie ♀️

  7. Late Night Chocolate - Late Night Cream F2 ♂️ x Brother Mendel's Mystery Mix ♀️

  8. Late Night Stick Up F1 - Late Night Cream F2 ♂️ x Forget Tyrone F2 aka Forget My Face (Nutty North Genetics' Gold Dipped Strawberries x Citrus Stomper) ♀️

  9. Late Night Haze F1 - Late Night Cream F2 ♂️ x Purple Haze Auto (white label) ♀️

  10. Late Night Blueberries F1 - Late Night Cream F2 ♂️ x Ground up Gene's Blueberry #2.

  11. Casting Hexes at the Discotek aka the Discohex - Funkadelic Jam F1 ♂️ x Plutonic Punch F2 ♀️

Varietal type: Hybrid
Gender: Regular
Flowering: Auto-Flowering
Yield: High
Height: Medium
Indoor / Outdoor:
Quantity available: 5