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7 seeds per pack.

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Lemon Grove Shaved Ice Runtz AKA Lemon Grove Raspadoz


Pig Tail Gardens




♀ Female Cultivar - The Vineyard BX2 (Lemon OG and Haze F4) | (ETHOS/PTG Cut)

♂ Male Cultivar - Runtz BX {Runtz x Forbidden Runtz} | (Tiki Madman/PTG Cut)


• Aromas and Flavors - KUSH, Candy Apples, Electric Fruit, Zingy, Tingly, Sweet bubblegum, Tart Kiwi.

• Structure - Huge main colas with matching sattelites that are tall and thick, which is good because the buds are FOOTBALLS. A few dominant phenos will spring up from the OG and Runtz lineage.

• Flowering Period (Weeks) - 8-10

• Stretch - 2.5-3 x Veg Height

• Veg Time - Very Fast

The Lemon Grove Raspadoz is our sativa dom hybrid offering named for a local park here in Hollywood where vendors are known to be seen pushing carts or driving go-carts, ringing bells, and calling out for customers. Our favorite thing to purchase are is the Mexican shaved ice treat known, the Raspado, for the flavors and terpenes that the phenos we hunted through reminded us of.. its truly refreshing and our pheno hunt winner tastes like Lemon Merlot Slushy.

The Vineyard BX2 we selected was a powerful terp monster, the Haze genetics clear as day in her strcuture and flavor, she smells like a spicy fruity aged wine after the cure. And in the tent she's all lemon chem on fire. honestly we were surprised by how mouth watering the terps were on the mom and were happy to capture them in the children and amplify them by combining the terps of Tiki Madman's Runt BX which are explosive in their own right.

Varietal type: Hybrid
Gender: Regular
Flowering: 60 - 70 days
Yield: High
Height: Tall
Indoor / Outdoor:
Quantity available: 1