Sunshine Sour (2 verified MI cup winner parents)

Sunshine Sour Breeder keeper clone only

Lineage: Sunshine #4 (verified MI cup winning cut) x reversed Sour OG (verified MI cup winning cut)

Flowering: 70-73 Days

Height: Medium-Tall

Yield: 1.5-1.7lbs/Kw


Both the mother Sunshine #4 verified MI High Times Michigan cup winning 1st place hybrid crossed to reversed Sour OG (the G cut/10 of diamonds verified MI High Times Cup winning 1st place hybrid) is a powerhouse of two multiple cup winners brought together in this breeder keeper cut.

The Sunshine #4 verified cup winner was crossed to the reversed Sour OG (called the G cut by grant which is the same cut midnight calls the 10 of diamonds cut). Both strains have won multiple 1st and 2nd place High times cups dating back to August 2016. Verification will be sent to all inquiries of this cross, for both strains, from the cup winner that’s won several cups with both strains.

This is our in house, Breeder keeper of both strains, while keeping in mind the Sour OG is the reversed cut that pollinated the Sunshine #4 cup winner in this hybrid.

We spent many, many years finding that perfect 50/50 pheno that expressed both expressions of both cup winners.

This plant is extremely gassy, very sour, rotten fermented funk that’s followed up by this purified clean high octane gasoline on the back end. It’s nothing but pure gas, crazy stupid sour and a highly refined high octane fuel. This might just be the most sour gassy strain we’ve ever created.

We spent years, as in since august 2016 refining this cross until we found that one keeper that expressed both strains in a 50/50 ratio. Pertaining to this strain, we will provide verification that both cuts are indeed both the cup winners.

This plant grows large in hydro (DWC, Undercurrent, recirculating drip and ebb&flow buckets) and equally as large in drip drain to waste in either coco or promix. Massive bushes that both need staking or SCROG to hold up their weight in flower.

This keeper can take a hefty feeding as long as feedings are incrementally built up on feedings. She doesn’t shy away from a heavy feeding, as long as it’s built up. Topping off in hydro seems to be the easiest and fastest way to build her up on nutes.

This plant isn’t necessarily a “cash cropper” but the potency and yield doesn’t disappoint in any way. So in our eyes, over 30% Delta 9 and dialed in a 1.5lb/Kw yield is indeed a “cash cropper”. It won’t be the largest yielder, but it is a supremely yielding plant with out of this world potency time and time again. The more dialed in the grower, the higher the potency and the higher the yield.

If there’s a better classic purely gas and super sour strain, we’ve never heard of it. This is that timeless crazy sour and the gassy tones are unrivaled. We spent 5 years perfecting this clone and she has continued to produce the same results for us year after year. We finally decided to release this breeder keeper to allow others to experience this timeless flavor and potency. Nasty sour and pure gas never goes out of style.

Varietal type: Hybrid
Gender: Feminized / Female
Flowering: 70 - 80 days
Yield: Medium
Height: Tall
Indoor / Outdoor:
Quantity available: 4