Sensi Star BX [from Freeborn Selections] × LSD×(RedThai×AssamHP)

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Sensi Star BX [from Freeborn Selections / MeangeneFromMendocino] X ( Lemon Sour Diesel X (Red Thai X Assam Hashplant)) F1
By SolshineGrowing

This all started when MeangeneFromMendocino, Aka Freeborn Selections Genetics, gifted me some Sensi Star BX he'd been working at a grassroots event. The winning pheno from those was used as the mother in this cross project, and the flowers from her were noted by some testers to be a special nostalgic flashback favorite to the long lost skunky strains of old. This mother was pollinated with a strongly lemony chem smelling stud with extreme vigor from a cross of heirloom LSD and rare "equatorial sativa" landraces. These are very special seeds.

Exclusive Pre-release Packs, with very limited number. Get it while it's hot and support a great cause (The Copyleft Cultivars Nonprofit).
Limit testing to date - only tested with small numbers in tents, at this stage. Given the unique and powerful provenance, we feel it appropriate to be opening up just 5 packs of this exclusive pre-release for the special occasion.

These will be ideal from breeders and those who like diversity to select and refine, as well as pheno hunters. The extreme outcrossing here will have many different and interesting phenotypes.

Trending to Cedar, lemon, chem, sour diesel, and fine liquor. Mouthwatering Sulfuric ester garlic skunk with cinnamon cardamon and hints of tropical fresh fruits flavors. Tending towards powerful long lasting medicinal effects.

Sensi Star is a multi-award-winning old school all-star from the days when cups were secret underground events. It now shines even stronger, surpassing modern standards with MeangeneFromMendocino's expert and notorious breeding work upgrades. She now flowers in 8 weeks. The father is from an ongoing oldschool x modern x landrace cross project, F1 generation, selected for vigor, stability, flower structure, and unique effect. It has some stretching when it goes into flower, more than most modern strains, however is still very manageable indoors especially for skilled growers. The Lemon Sour Diesel is an Oregon cut that's been passed around for at least a decade, and a favorite of several medical patients in our circles. The Red Thai x Assam Hashplant is a cross by Philopian, with the Assam Hashplant coming from the Indian Landrace Exchange preservation project. It has an 18 week flower time, in which tops buds can be progressively harvested several weeks earlier. The Assam Hashplant may have historic uses in sacred and religious settings, which very much connects with the effects of some of the testers.

Bred for success in Organic, Probiotic, KNF, and zero-effort systems.

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You're free to use these seeds in any way, so long as, to Preserve Freedom for All you don't restrict others' use of the seeds or their progeny, & will include these terms with any transfer of the seeds or progeny, & submit any gene sequence or SNP data derived from the seeds\plants to Copyleft Cultivars nonprofit to publish via Copyleftcultivars"

Packs of 12

Auction expiration date: Dec 31, 2022
Varietal type: Hybrid
Gender: Regular
Flowering: 70 - 80 days
Yield: High
Height: Tall
Indoor / Outdoor:
Hybrid cultivars: LSD
Indica cultivars: Sensi Star
Sativa cultivars: Thai
Quantity available: 1