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Permanent Marker Pheno found & exclusively held by Doja Pak **
**Bred by Seed Junky

(Biscotti x Jealousy F2) x Sherb Bx1

First thing that stand out about this strain is that her terps are legit a 9.75/10! This is where this strain really SHINES!!! I’ve heard lots of different descriptions of the smell but personally I thought it straight up smelled and tasted like those old rocket pop popsicles from when we were growing up. Or like a blue jolly rancher or something. Also has some burnt rubber smell it it. Shit is outrageous! Some of my favorite terps I’ve ever had hands down!

Just like a real permanent marker… once you remove the cap, the aroma is intensely addicting & gets your nose twitching. Very full vibrant taste just like the smell!

As for her color, the flower is a mixture of very dark purple and light purple hues mixed with green and even some shades of blue throughout the rest of it. Covered in a thick layer of trichomes. Depending on your temps she can be fully purple or a good mixture of like 75% purple and 25% green

Smoke is Insanely smooth with very clean ash. Very very strong body high and great mood enhancement. Straight pressure!!!! It's no wonder she tests right around 30%!!

One of the tastiest strains I’ve had in a long time and had the AND the high to go with it. Great to see something a little different that has the terps and power everyone’s
looking for

As for texture, the finished product is super consistent. Nice dense boulders all the way down the plant. Cured flower has got that perfect kinda springy density if you know what I mean? You can crack off a bong rip off a nug and it
comes apart like butter.


Permanent Marker has recently been tested for HLVd on 11/09/22 and passed with flying colors! Please feel free to ask for a copy of the latest lab results and I will happily provide you with a copy. All strains are tested 3x per year!

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All clones are shipped rooted, next day air, and are 100% guaranteed to land healthy and happy for both domestic & International orders. If they die during transport I will replace and reship immediately at no cost to you!
(Please notify me within 48 hours if anything was damaged during shipping. MUST INCLUDE PHOTOS)

If you accidentally kill a clone after it lands, I will replace for free, you just cover shipping
(please feel free to ask me for acclimation instructions if you would like advice on how to seamlessly introduce your new clones to your environment without shocking them)


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Varietal type: Hybrid
Gender: Feminized / Female
Flowering: 60 - 70 days
Yield: High
Height: Medium
Indoor / Outdoor:
Quantity available: 30
Listing created Feb 13, 2023