Kirkwood OG F2 V2.0

Breeder - Socal Seed Vault

Grown by OffShoreSeeds - Killed our Kirkwood OG F2! Great Job Brother!

If you love OG Kush and gas than you are in for a treat. One of my all time favorite OG Kushes. Great breeding stock as well. Amazing yields due to the F cut.

Kirkwood OG F2 V.2

*** Larger Yielding (F Cut Dom which is the 90's cut) ***

*** Sorry everyone I sold out of the BOGO but I will include the Soul OG to sweeten the pot!

*** I call it V2 because I had released a F2 in the past. ***

8 - 9 1/2 weeks flowering time

Thank you everyone for all your support. SSV

Varietal type: Hybrid
Gender: Regular
Flowering: <60 days
Yield: Medium
Height: Medium
Indoor / Outdoor:
Quantity available: 5