America's Finest Genetics

America's Finest Genetics

America's Finest Genetics is a group of family run nurseries. We are licensed cultivators in the state of Missouri that carry a large variety of seeds made from pollinating our mother plants. We use a ruthless stressing routine when hunting seeds. Less than 5% of the seeds we pop actually make it to the flower room. Intense light from seed, over/under water, extreme temp and humidity swings, way over fed(3000ppm at under 12"). The ones that pass those tests are cloned and taken off site to be tested for white powdery mildew resistance. The few that survive are then taken to the flower room for further testing with light schedules, training, terps, etc. We see runs with 100 seeds and none make it to the flower room. I see plants die every day. That's the cost of finding the best of the best. We only breed with the top few %.
On top of that we have the cheapest seeds around. Our regular 10 packs are $20($2 per seed) and we carry 50 pack mix packs for $50($1 a seed). Feel free to ask us any questions you may have. A Vendor's Choice Freebie ships with each order. First Class Shipping is $5 anywhere in the US.
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America's Finest Genetics


Photo Regular Seeds:

▪︎White Truffle x Pure Michigan F1
▪︎Divine Banana #4 x Pure Michigan F1
▪︎Ice Cream Cake x Pure Michigan F1
▪︎Chunky Diesel x Pure Michigan F1
▪︎Grease Monkey x Pure Michigan F1
▪︎Violet Vixen x Pure Michigan F1
▪︎Northern Lights x Pure Michigan F1
▪︎White Truffle x Slurricane Poop
▪︎Divine Banana #4 x Slurricane Poop
▪︎Ice Cream Cake x Slurricane Poop
▪︎Chunky Diesel x Slurricane Poop
▪︎Grease Monkey x Slurricane Poop
▪︎Violet Vixen x Slurricane Poop
▪︎Northern Lights x Slurricane Poop

A List Of Our Mothers:

▪︎Alien OG (Cali Connection)
▪︎Blue Dream (Lab Hollow Farms)
▪︎Cheetah Piss (Berner's Cookies)
▪︎Chimera #3 (Beleaf)
▪︎Chunky D (Cresco Labs/Deep Chunk x Sour Diesel)
▪︎Deep Impact #2 (Annunaki Genetics)
▪︎Divine Banana #4 (Beleaf)
▪︎Durban Poison (100% Sativa African Landrace)
▪︎Fatso (Phinest Tissue Culture)
▪︎Georgia Pie (Seed Junky Genetics)
▪︎Grape Stomper (Gage Green Genetics)
▪︎Gush Mintz (Purple City Genetics)
▪︎Halo (Annunaki Genetics/100% pm resistant)
▪︎Ice Cream Cake (Beleaf)
▪︎Ice Cream Cake (Annunaki Genetics)
▪︎Martian Candy OG (Darkheart Nursery)
▪︎Miss Mendo 06' (Brother Mendel's Selections- turns all purple, almost black, with cooler temps)
▪︎Motor Breath #15 (Pisces Genetics)
▪︎Northern Lights (My Cut)
▪︎Oreoz (Max Yields cut)
▪︎Purple Kush (Hindu Kush x Purple Afghani)
▪︎Purple Pineapple Express #4 (Annunaki Genetics/100% powdery mildew resistant)
▪︎Road Kill Skunk (Copycat Genetics S1)
▪︎White Truffle (Beleaf)

Payment and shipping: We accept Venmo, Cashapp, PayPal(Friends and Family), Cash in Mail, and Crypto. First Class Shipping is $5 in all 50 states. We ship on Monday's to ensure your package doesn't get stuck in the mail on the weekend. A Vendor's Choice Freebie ships with each order.

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