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We have been just supplying clones locally and on discord due to high demand. We have just got some more luxx cloning lights in and will be setting up some more clone shelf’s so we can once again start selling to our strainly customers. We are about 3 weeks out of being stock on every strain

Snips available
Apple fritter
Oz kush
Orange creamsicle
Tongue splasher 4
Sugar cane
Platinum kush breath remix

Upcoming pheno hunts
Funk mtn - bloom seed co
Mac v2 - cap
Jealousy x Pablo’s revenge- tikimadman

At Odd Farms we pride ourselves with having a wide selection of healthy, HLvD tested, premium clones at an affordable price. Our whole mother room has been tested for HLvD by Tumi genomics and anything we bring in will also be tested to insure a HLvD free environment. We are also completely pest free. We like to use Grodan gro blocks soaked in an Athena pro clone mix and a CloneX or Athena cuts cloning gel. We also offer slips which are just cuts that haven’t been rooted or put in a cube but instead come wrapped in a nutrient soaked napkin. Slips travel well and if we don’t have any rooted clones of the strain you want on hand slips can provide a faster shipping option instead of waiting 2 weeks for use to root your clones. They can also allow you to root them your preferred way. We offer replacements on any products that arrive dead or don’t survive their first 24 hours. All that is needed is proof of purchase, pictures of dead clones or slips with tag, and a description of how they arrived. At Odd farmz we believe transparency is key when providing genetics to other growers. We don’t want bugs in our garden and we definitely don’t want to be spreading bugs in other’s gardens. If you believe your clone came with pests please take pictures of the pest and the damage on the clone with the order number. In return we will send a video of the mother which the cut came off of and the quality control photos of the rooted cut that was taken before they shipped off. If the video or qc photos do show the pest came from us refunds will be issued and all listings will be pulled down intill we are pest free again. We cannot make the same guarantee with positive HLvD test. We don’t know your SOPs and if you keep a clean garden and tools or know how to properly sanitize. We can offer the guarantee the mother was tested and was negative for HLvD.

License #: 003-56-3792

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great seller +rep

kushinout about listing Tongue splasher #4 2 years ago.

Highly recommend!

Delish about listing HLvD tested Strawnana 14er’s cut 2 years ago.

They were on top of the order.

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