My collection's breaking out of the fridge and its time to move some packs on!

Shipping flat rate $10 for any order under $150.

I ship fast with tracking domestic/internationally from the United Kingdom.

Freebies with every order.

Most packs were purchased for projects but never used. Always stored with respect.

Not really looking for trades, but I do have a soft spot for early Karma, Duke or Bodhi packs, and I'm still trying to track down that pack of Astro Chimp by Ocean Grown Seeds... but I never will!!!

Current Offer until end May:

Any 5 packs of Karma Genetics seeds
(no more than one of each pack/strain in an order)
$750 usd inc tracked shipping
Let me know what packs you want and I will create a bespoke listing for your items.

Currently in stock (check my listings for more details on each pack):

Rarer Older Packs:

Karma Sour D Bx2 og packs
O.D.B (Exodus Cheese x Biker Kush)
Skullcap (Sour Headstash x Biker Kush)
Jack Cheddar (Exodus Cheese x Jack Herrer)
Sour Melon (KG Melon Cut x KG Sour D Bx2)
Sour Leda (Leda Uno x KG Sour D Bx2)
Sweets (Guava Gelato x KG Sour D Bx2)

Egg Nog (Fems) (Holyskit x Melon)
Fruit Bowl (FPOG x Mandarina)

New Spannabis Packs (all regs):

Karma Sour D Bx2
Sowahh (Karma Sour D Bx4)
Headbanger (KG Sour Diesel x Biker Kush)

Limited Edition:

Moulin Rouge (Paris Larry OG x KG Sour D Bx2)
Gastronomic (Chem 91 S1 x KG Sour D Bx2)
NY Amsterdam Sour (J.J. Sour D x KG Sour D Bx2)
Sour Biker (Biker Kush x KG Sour D Bx2)
Sour Gum (BOGs Sour Bubble x KG Sour D Bx2)

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Eddie is as dangerous as he sounds! Helpful, fast, no problems, highly recommended source of hard to find genetics.

Eddie D is on point; on time and worthy of anybody's full trust. I can not give a higher compliment than that. The best Strainly has to offer.


A pleasure servicing Mr. Dangerous! Thank you for the support.

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