Information about Strainly

How it works


Strainly is the leading platform empowering growers, breeders and equipment providers.

Growers use Strainly to get access to rare strains without having to grow and take care of multiple mother plants. Breeders and nurseries use Strainly to offer their genetics, while at the same time getting access to more cultivars, and multiply breeding possibilities. All members follow each other and get notified whenever a new item is listed... thus staying on top of the most recent drops! Our verification process and rating system provide a safe environment to collaborate.

We believe growers and breeders can overcome more challenges together and unlock new opportunities.

We are strong advocates of open-source breeding and biodiversity preservation.


Strainly is offered as a Progressive Web App (PWA) for performance and privacy reasons. We believe in decentralization, privacy and freedom of action. Our PWA is therefore not subject to app stores censorship. Our web app is conceived for optimal mobile experience. Make sure to follow these simple instructions to get the most of our App.


Strainly allows licensed producers and hobbyists to participate.

ONLY LICENSED HOLDERS ARE ALLOWED TO SELL clones, according to their local license terms.

IT IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to list harvests, flowers/buds, extracts, or any kind of consumable product such as food or drinks. Any member failing to comply with our user policy will immediately and permanently be banned from Strainly.

Unless you are the breeder of the seeds being offered, unsealed/opened seed packs are not allowed. Listings need to feature at least one photo of the ACTUAL item(s) being offered (for instance, photos of the actual clones need to be featured). Any listing that does not meet our quality standards will be rejected/deleted. 

Any attempt to circumvent the transaction workflow by asking potential buyers to direct message you instead of using the "Buy" button, will get your verification immediately voided, and your listings closed.

You can combine multiple items in a single order by adding them to your wish list first.


Premium, Pro and Affiliate members can run auctions. Auction duration is at auctioneer's discretion.

Bidders are notified when another member outbids them as well as when they win the auction. 

Bidders can find the auctions they bid on / won in their wish list, accessible from the main menu. 

Auction winners commit to complete transaction within 72 hours. Failing to pay for a won auction results in a negative review and potential ban! 


Displayed currency is USD. Strainly offers an optional Bitcoin peer-to-peer payment system through which buyers pay sellers DIRECTLY, without Strainly acting as an intermediary. Other payment methods are possible, as long as parties agree. See how it works.

Why Bitcoin?

  • Bitcoin is better for privacy. Strainly integrates bitcoin payments using best practices that preserve your privacy (e.g. single-use addresses). You do not need to reveal your identity to send or receive Bitcoin payments. The noncustodial nature of the wallet prevents Strainly from seeing your payments and balances.
  • Bitcoin is safe. It is technically impossible to pull bitcoins out of your wallet unless you intentionally push the payment to someone.
  • Bitcoin payments are irreversible. Chargebacks are impossible.
  • Bitcoin does not depend on central entities and intermediaries such as banks or payment processors. No one can prevent you from receiving or spending your bitcoin. No one can freeze your bitcoin like Paypal does with your -fiat- money.

And many more good reasons...


  • First, you can earn bitcoin via our giveaway!
  • Strike is to Strainly what Paypal was to eBay. It is by far the most convenient option to make your first purchases on Strainly ($5 offered for signing up using code IEU8IW once you downloaded the app). The beauty of Strike is that they handle all the "Bitcoin stuff" behind the scenes. You never have to buy BTC to pay on Strainly. It will pay any Strainly invoice using your USD cash balance with almost no fees (as low as 1 cent). Now available in Europe


You must be 21 and over to join. We will continually monitor reviews and listings in order to maintain legitimacy and trust within the Strainly community.  We think Strainly can be a great tool for the community, but we need your help to make sure that the right folks are involved.

Strainly allows to follow other members, thus creating communities within the community.


You basically have two options here.  First, you should obviously feel free to organize a time and place yourselves if that's the best option for you and if the situation allows it. Meeting other members contributes to the belonging feeling and we get that! However, if you consider that shipping your seeds, clones or pollen is more convenient, Strainly allows that too! You should always use a shipping method that allows your content, usually courier services. Seeds and plants are subject to import/export restrictions. Always act in respect of the laws applicable in both the expedition and destination locations, and everything should go smoothly.