Sharkbite Cutz

Sharkbite Cutz

I provide elite genetics for pushing your growing skills to the next level.

35+ years of experience with original genetics
Original New York City Sour Diesel
HighTimes winnerI
Original Rumble in the Bronx
Shark’s Garden and countless articles

No order is too big or small. Please place custom orders 3-4 weeks in advance.

We will propagate your own genetic strain, ready for when healthy clones are needed to restart your operation.

Now offering Metrc and Medical clones.

Inquire within for very exclusive, uncirculated genetics Wizard Trees, Doja Pak, Backpack Boyz, Seed Junkies, Fiyafarmer many many more exclusive cuts!

License #: 100012457813555124574

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14 received reviews (86% positive, 12/14)

Didn't review till after I flowered his cut. Tested negative for HLVD unlike some other sellers on here. Cut was the real deal and couldn't recommend the seller enough.

Sharkbite is phenomenal he did me well and I owe him for shipping about to order super runtz! He’s the Bomb.

Paid $750.00 plus $100.00 shipping an Oreoz clone, he mailed it to the wrong address. It was dead by the time I received it. He promised to come good, I even offered to repay the shipping. Ive been asking for 10 months now, He allways had an excuse why he cand send it.

He acts legit on Instagram, but he'll just rip you off in the end, like me and the other fellow he screwed over with the Oreoz clone in his reviews. Go fuck yourself shark and thanks for taking medical patients money and screwing them over its bad enough their sick...Asshole.

Buyer Beware!!!!!

Sharkbite Cutz