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We provide high-quality genetics at affordable prices. All of our genetics are authentic breeder cuts (unless otherwise stated). We are experienced growers, collectors, and plant enthusiasts and maintain high standards for Integrated Pest Management and sanitation. We stand behind all of our offerings and look forward to working with you.


All mother plants are grown in a mix of coco and perlite, and each plant is hand-watered individually to prevent contamination. Cutting tools are not shared and are cleaned with a 10%+ bleach solution before and after use. We avoid cross-contamination and gloves are sanitized with bleach between each genetic. Mother plants are treated weekly. New genetics are thoroughly quarantined, tested for pathogens, and inspected for pests before clones are taken.

When transplanting clones, let them adjust overnight to prevent root shock. If wilting occurs, spray the clone and place it under a dome for one day. Reacclimate to normal humidity levels the next day. For assistance, please don't hesitate to contact me."


Orders are typically shipped out from Monday through Wed each week.

I offer a guarantee to replace any clones that arrive dead or in poor condition upon immediate notification and with pictures provided. I also offer discounted prices for larger orders. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

All Clones are considered HEMP by law. Every clone tested contained less than 0.03%

License #: 118346-205302
Payment and shipping: Express Shipping only

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Thank you Fire Side!!! Very fast response time!!

Lifted Leaf Labs about listing Runtz (breeder cut) 2 years ago.

Ladies clean and plenty of "rootage". Got here in a jiffy. Will be doing more business with these guys. Thanks FS.

GrandKynd about listing Apple Fritter (breeder cut) 2 years ago.

First time I got this cut I was new to strainly and used to getting ripped on elite clones for years. After asking him about the origins of the strain he didn’t get back with me for a day which made me even more skeptical. I got rid of it. Big mistake. Fireside has elite genetics for a good price. Thanks again

Savage Novelties about listing Runtz (breeder cut) 2 years ago.
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