We are fG, The most trusted source of top shelf genetics in Michigan. We have been supplying verified genetics to the medical and now rec industry in Michigan for the last 8 years.

We meet up locally in Detroit or Ann Arbor. For other states, ask.

All clones are in 1 1/2 in rockwool cubes, with roots exposed. No bugs, disease ever.

Payment and shipping: $400 min per order / WE COVER SHIPPING IN CONTINENTAL US. Cash App, Venmo, or Paypal. NO INTL, SORRY.

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They present themselves on here as a high end operation. What I received was far from high end. The clones were small, obviously taken from the bottom of the plant. The way they were packed was also half assed. I received one Kush mints and one mac1 for $200.00 a piece, at this price my expectation were high. For the price you need to do a lot better.

Wayne about listing Kush Mints Clones by fG 2 years ago.

Why am i giving feed back i never bought anything...

J about listing Forum Cut Girl Scout Cookie Clones by fG 2 years ago.

They came rooted and clean :) ty.

Jack Frost about listing Kush Mints Clones by fG 2 years ago.