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Happy Panda Clones

I've been growing full time for about 17 years and am genuinely in love with pheno hunting! But sometimes you can't beat a the shortcut of buying fire cuts!!! I am definitely addicted to buying seeds and genetics... If you are too then I can fu#% with ya!

Born & raised in LA, where it's all gas no breaks all day!! However, I love any and all unique terp profile so long as it's LOUD!!!


All my cuts have been tested for HLVD. Sent out to the lab myself personally! I resend my cuts out 2-3 times per year... prior to making a new mom. I also send out any new cuts I bring to the Lab as part of my quarantine process. Please feel free to ask me for a copy of my lab results. I will happily provide them for you to see

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Great communication. You can tell they take pride in their business. Very excited to grow this one.

Things went great, ups had a little delay with the overnight but she arrived only 1 day late. He reassured me that if anything happened he would replace it at no extra cost. It came in a nice container and was still very healthy. Thank you my friend, will def do more business with you in the futurw.

Happy Panda is the only person I will buy from! You can tell when you talk to him he really knows his shit. He went out of his way to help me decide on my next strain. Sent me extra pics, narrowed my options based on the terps I wanted, showed me recent lab test results, and was really patient answering all my questions. You can just tell that he's really passionate about growing and that he's actually grown all these strains himself. He charges a little more than some other people on here but it's well worth it. Happy Panda's cuts are the real deal plus I never mind paying for quality!! I highly recommend you try his Baby Yoda. I bought it 4 or 5 months ago and it's one of the best strains I've ever grown!

Happy Panda Clones