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I've been growing full time for about 17 years and am genuinely in love with pheno hunting and have a serious addiction to acquiring super dank and hard to find genetics! Most importantly though, they HAVE ti be a 9 or a 10! Waaayyy too many 7s and 8s out there... have no room for that shit in my mom room lol!!

Born & raised in LA, where it's all gas no breaks all day!! However, I love any and all unique terp profile so long as it's LOUD!!!

For me personally. Terpenes > EVERYTHING! I care more about flavor than bag appeal or even potency! But that's just for my head stash, def not a concept that's gonna work for my business lol! Tell me what is important for you and your market or what gaps you need to fill in your menu and I will go out of my way to help you find exactly what you need! Is it heavy yielders with good bag appeal? Or the ever popular Purple and gassy? lol! Or you rec guys 30%+ , production friendly, trendy and stacks? Whatever it may be feel free to let me know and I will help you find what you need to select strains that will be most profitable for you. Because at the end of the day that's the point isn't it? Buying genetics is supposed to be an investment in our business, and hopefully a profitable one! Yet sadly too many times it ends up being loss of capital because we bought something that ended up not even being worth keeping. One and done! It's happened to me so many times so trust me I know how it is and how bad it sucks!

All my cuts have been flowered out and verified by me personally before offering them to public. In all honesty, this is just the tip of the iceberg lol! I'm part owner and head grower in a decent size rec grow that is a little less than a year ols. Normally I don't sell any of my genetics, but doing so is allowing me to not pull a paycheck while our company is getting established. The reason I mention this is because I am not a nursery! I'm personally growing all of these strains myself and completely understand the epidemic of fake genetics our industry is dealing with right now! Sadly a lot of clone guys are just that, clone guys. They don't flower anything so they have no idea if what they are selling is real or not. On top of that issue, the clone game is extremely incestuous! Clone guys buy-in from other clone guys then selling it to you! That's why everyone claims their clones are HLVd free yet don't have lab tests to back it up! They are just taking the word of the person they bought it from! First off, I don't buy ANY of my genetics online. Being in the game as long as I have and from LA I have fortunately built a vast network of insane plugs! But in our world, we take care of each other, I'm just as much of a plug to them as they are to me. That's how this is supposed to work! See I understand that my success is directly tied to your success! You don'y get to be in this game as long as I have if all you care about is a one and done transactional relationship. I care much more about you CRUSHING it with whatever you get off me than I do profit from an initial sale. Because I operate under the mindset that I need to do y best to make it so you not only want to come back, but you want to stop risking losing funds buying cuts from a bunch of random! I totally understand how much you are investing wen buying genetics. Not just oin the cost of the clone itself, but in the real estate you are allocating to test them out! That's honestly a much bigger investment!

Which brings me back to lab tests. All of my strains have not only been Lab Tested for HLVD, they get tested 3x a year! So I ALWAYS have recent lab tests to prove my claims. None of that "I test in-house so I don't have any documentation or proof" BS! It boggles my mind how casually some people are willing to put an entire farm at risk by claiming their shit is clean when in fact they have no idea! It only costs $75 to test a strain legitimately, so anyone that can't prove that shit but is selling thousands of dollars in cuts is super sus if you ask me! Either they don't wanna know, or they're just that big of a newb in the game that they have no idea what they are putting at risk. Look I only say all this because. I have personally bought from people making claims like that to only find out after I send them to lab right away that sure enough they have HLVd! Prices for flower these days is way to low for any of us to have a safety net like we used to. So please, be careful who you buy dfrom, and do what I do, get your new genetics lab tested (even if you buy from me!) You know how it is, nobody is gonna look out for you like you! Also. please don't hesitate to ask me for a copy of my lab results. I will happily provide them for you!

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Nice looking well rooted cut

Joe about listing Blue Zushi - TENco cut!!! 1 month ago.

Clones were delivered super fast and healthy couldn’t be happier!

great communication! clones arrived happy, healthy, rooted, and fast. can’t wait to flower out. great seller!

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