Kokopelli Selections

Kokopelli Selections

Kokopelli; The Legend Lives On .....


Kokopelli, in this iteration, could be described as a mobile seedbank; consisting of hundreds of strains from dozens of breeders, from the best known to the least. Kokopelli Selections offers genetics in commercial packaging, in bulk, as well as some of my own creations and collaborations from over the years. From experimentation to preservation , elusive to exclusive.

Transparency is important and Kokopelli always documents any genetics provenance as best possible, and disclose when it is not known or questionable or forgotten, however the latter makes up only a very small portion of my ever-growing library.

Kokopelli respects many different facets of this world of horticultural genetics. Holding a strong interest in landrace and heirloom genetics, as well as things that are a bit different, while also appreciating unique and special selections of modern hype strains. Kokopelli spotlights New Mexico based breeders, and aims to bring you a good selection of something a little different to pique your interest and bring some truly unique fire to your gardens.

-Epik Exodus Cookies
-MTG Grape-Fruit
-Grandiflora Blues Qlues

-Direct crosses with: Exodus Cheese, Juicy Fruit, Chemdog Special Reserve, and landraces of course!

Donations: must be completed within 72 hours to secure the selected gear. app, Venmo, PayPal, Zelle. If ing instructions are not followed your may not be completed and you will most likely receive negative feedback and be ghosted.

: -If you are not an established vendor on this platform and you offer a you are agreeing to ship first and wait until receipt for processing of your desired gear. No exceptions, simply the same procedure as a normal donation. -For other established vendors an honor system will be used. I am mostly interested in my wishlist items but may be open to other offerings as well. I do not take in clones unless it it's for a specific and usually collaborative breeding project. -For other breeders, I am happy to exchange our in house creations with one another! Don't be surprised if you receive a message from me offering up my own creations for some of yours! :)

I always include some of my own work as a freebie, and if you choose to grow some of it I always exchange more packs for basic grow log and a couple decent pictures.

Thank you for your consideration and trust in this big world of beans!

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Great seller, fast shipping, healthy looking seeds + freebies. Thank you!

Smooth as silk, the way it should be.. I can't recommend kokopelli enough. Great selections to be had at reasonable prices. Looking forward to future transactions

Very patient seller, awesome customer service. Thanks!

Kokopelli Selections