Amsterdam Amnesia

Amsterdam Amnesia is a true original Amnesia Haze from the Amsterdam underground scene and a connoisseurs classic. This sativa is known for a potent and pungent terpene profile with a full-bodied citrus haze flavour explosion and a strong high. The ease-of-growth with this strain ensures that anyone is able to produce a world-class Haze-dominant sativa. This is a strain you won't quickly forget!

The feminised Amsterdam Amnesia Haze takes approximately 9-10 weeks to fully mature. She produces slender sativa leaves, allowing more light to reach the lower branches, and has strong resistance to spider mites. This lady can stretch quite a bit once she's in bloom, so make sure height isn't an issue in your grow room. The buds of this strain grow long and full, compared to most sativas, the buds are also quite compact. This together ensures a true XXL yield of the highest quality! The buds are full of resin and look really beautiful.

This is a very suitable strain for growers who are looking for a real Haze experience but don't like a long flowering time of 12 -14 weeks. Amsterdam Amnesia can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Outside this is only possible in warm, sunny areas (such as the Mediterranean area) and warm tropical areas. She can grow very large in the right conditions. But if height is an issue, you can easily train her.

Topping/fimming ensures an even greater yield. You can also use LST, bend and snap and scrog to control her height somewhat. You can even "supercrop" this plant. This is a plant that thrives using these well-known growing techniques.

Amsterdam Amnesia generally has a short to medium internode distance. The flowers can grow nicely together and completely fill the branches from head to toe with sticky THC-rich cannabis buds. The stretchier sativa-dominant plants usually have a little more space between the buds. A beautiful plant to see in both the growth and flowering phase!

The genetics used for Amsterdam Amnesia guarantee the following properties:

  • A medium to large plant (depending on the length of the pre-growth period) with a nice slender sativa-dominant structure and a very favourable flower-to-leaf ratio
  • Amsterdam Amnesia is a perfect feminised cannabis seed option for the real 'cannasseurs'. Fans of classic Haze strains are sure to get their money's worth!
  • This strain produces stable, robust plants with big blooms, it is a good yielder with top quality buds in just 10 weeks!

Amsterdam Amnesia is easy to grow and suitable for all types of growers. Both beginners and experts should produce top quality results with this lady!

Varietal type: Hybrid
Gender: Feminized / Female
Flowering: 60 - 70 days
Yield: High
Indoor / Outdoor:
Quantity available: 1670