GemmaCert professional

GemmaCert professional only one mont used with items for ground, extract and ground testing items!!!!

GemmaCert Professional Can:

✓ Test 3 modes of materials non-destructively:

o Whole dried flower buds (without harming the flower)

o Ground (ie, trim or biomass)

o Raw ethanol based extracts (ie, crude oil such as RSO of FECO)

✓ Receive the following readings in under 5 minutes:

o Total

o Total CBD

o Total CBG

o Water Activity (aW)

✓ Total levels as low as 0.2% (anything below 0.2% reported as “>0.2%”)

✓ Produce professional Certificates of Analysis

✓ Test samples in-house before beginning the regulatory testing process

✓ Ensure the quality and consistency of your product

✓ Improve your in-house Quality Assurance/Control protocols

✓ View all past scans and data on the GemmaCert Dashboard for future batch optimizations



Hemp and verification and potency analysis, measuring:

Total : 0.877 A + Delta-9-
Total CBD: 0.877 CBDA + CBD
Total CBG: 0.877 CBGA + CBG
Water Activity (aw):
Works On:

Dry whole flower buds with 12% maximum moisture content
Ground material, including trim and biomass
Crude oil (currently raw ethanol extract only)

Condition: Used