Hello, my name is Matt. I am a Master Grower with over 20 yrs of growing experience and just over 12 years of growing as my full time occupation. I left the sales work force to persue my passion of growing and became addicted to the entire grow experience. I absolutely love to pheno hunt and I have two full size tool boxes full of Breeders Packs from around the world and I am always open to swapping clones and/or seeds. I currently have a huge strain list of clones available and always have new ones coming around, please ask for availability. I am currently in southeast Michigan working as a Head Grower at a fully licensed medical and recreational facility with over 7,500 plants. This is our new list of genetics and they can be purchased as clones or cuttings. Shipping is $25 express and everything is guaranteed. New as of
SoCal Master Kush
Green Mitten Monster
Platinum Kush Mints
Purple Haze '81
Lumpy's Apple Fritter
Gushers-Connected Cut
Runtz 2.0
Slyme Cookies
Red Congo Cookies
Mimosa-Soda Cut
Pebbles Punch-KRE8
Star Mintz
Chocolope (DNA genetics)
Pineapple Sorbet
Palm Beach Sour
Sunshine OG
Blue Coral
Tropicana Banana
Orange Velvet X Josh D
The Don Dada
London Pound Mints
Bomb Pop Kush
LA Confidential X Big Budha Cheese
Cherry Pie
Purple Crumbl (Punn's Cut)
Strawberry Headband
Blueberry Muffinz
Sour Kosher
Original Sour Diesel
Lime OG
Vanilla Tart
Red Diesel "Barneys Farm"
710 Mango
Gorlato 41
Orange Sherbert
White Strawberry
Silver Bubble
Kosher Tangie
French Macroon
Cotton Candy
Kandy Kush
Berry White aka Blue Widow
I will gladly answer any questions you have so don't hesitate to ask, we have verified genetics and always run these before offering them!

License #: A2BG- 1000674435-219945
Payment and shipping: venmo, yes

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fast and friendly, good strainly member

Dankcutsnclonez about listing Purple cake cuts 2 years ago.

Everything went well. Great seller. Packaging was on point. Will definitely do business again.

Justin about listing Lumpy's Apple Fritter 2 years ago.

I paid 250.00 and still haven't received anything but excuses. it is day 19 now. First excuse they weren't rooted and next was they sent to wrong address and now conveniently won't respond. don't care what other feedback says Please be aware of this seller.

Wecallitmedspa about listing Lumpy's Apple Fritter 2 years ago.