Magnolia Rooted

Magnolia Rooted

Just a bean collector and flower grower who’s vault has become too big for its britches. Looking to move a lot of packs and most at retail, some of the rarer ones obviously demand a certain price. All packs are sealed and have been vacuum sealed in freezer for preservation. I think I can make a lot of gromies pretty damn happy!! Biggest breeder selection is Mass Medical. Over 50 packs bunch of sold out rare ones never to be remade. Then I have boat loads of other fire from all the top breeders. Thanks y’all!!! Also breeder name freebies with every order!! All orders shipped out same or next day. Ask me about anything I have because I never have time to list everything but I have most everything!

Liquidation sale. By breeder.

Mass medical- umm almost everything, easier to ask. 60 on most. 100 on few real rare sold out.
Cosmic wisdom-purple nl2 haze, glaze, pure Michigan 2.0 s1 50
Symbiotic- cookies n cream x purple punch 100
Fresh coast-easy e, truffle shuffle, no meat v2. 60
Gage green-Spirit, demon slayer, gas200, spring rounds, trilogy 100
3rd coast- platinum Butterface, platinum Michigan Breath, wavy gravy 100. Gold cash gold, frozen Coke, joobie nooner 130
Cult Classics- unicorn shoes, deleted scene, frosted cement, cherry laces, air bubbles, wild side punch, bubble fantasy, cement macchiato, Tropicana shoes 45
Solfire- Bad ‘N boujee (12 regs) 30 Miami Miami, bahama bussdown(6 fems, so full pack, not 3 pack) 65
Thug pug- deep v, collab #8 (peanut butter punch x lurch) 70
Tony’s tortured beans- SSSDH s1 x gorilla bubble bx3 45
Old anonymous- champagne grapes 80
Romulan- romulan bx1 80
Bodhi seeds- dragons blood hash plant v2, phone home(tk x Wookie) 50
Second generation- bluemuda triangle(trinity lavender x djshort blueberry f4) 50
Shoreline genetics- ecsd x gdp 40
Sunken treasure- grapestomper OG bx 90
Annunaki- isn’t she lovely, dream come true, first love 40
Resin seeds- Sour P 40
Green Bodhi- sour best shit ever s1, Obama kush x (Larry Og x purple unicorn f3) 50
CSI Humboldt- Obama Kush s1 50, twin turbo diesel (2 7 seed packs sour d and ajsd x chemdog 91) 80
Clearwater- 8 East (I-95 x sd warheads) 50

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Everything went smoothly from start to finish. Can’t go wrong here. A++

Jeff about listing Cosmic Wisdom Glaze 1 month ago.

Good seller.

Good understanding.

Excellent service and price.

Very serious person.

Hermo about listing Balefire by Katsu 1 month ago.

Thanks for the purchase and support! From communication to payment it was a pleasure. Would recommend to others. Always welcome here. Happy Growing !

Magnolia Rooted