The Babylon Collection

The Babylon Collection

The Babylon Collection

A Sanctuary for Terp’s and Trichomes
And a haven for extractors and collectors,
Ran by the infamous Rafa

Origin story:

Having been in the secretive and expensive world of hash and heady strains in the NorCal scene for over a decade
We’ve seen people spend the better part of each year (and small fortunes) searching between seeds and nursery’s for genetics that will reliably produce not only heady and unique flower
But is also possessing the trichomes and Terpenes capable of producing award winning hash

Well, throughout the years and to this day we have collected a library of garden gems, breeder’s prized cuts
And only kept the ones that wash
(Every strain in our collection washes 4% and better
Which translates to 20% yield for dry herb)

Now we are taking this library and spreading it to the people at prices that are affordable !

The Clones / Ordering :

These clones come fully rooted and hardened off
Each transplanted into a cup of nutrient rich living soil
No exposed roots, No Rockwool
Plants ready to grow and thrive!

• Shipping is 15$ even for express 2 day shipping

Shipping days are Monday-Tuesday so that they don’t wait in the post office over the weekend
Orders made Tuesday and after will usually ship out the following week.

• I do reships for clones DOA
But no refunds folks
• Anywhere outside the continental US is limited to one free reship
(Expedited is extra)

25% off for 6 or more cuts ordered at a time
10% off next order for leaving a review
And yes discounts can be compounded!

Venmo, Cashapp, Crypto

Make sure to send shipping address after payment so I can get the order locked in and prepared !

License #: C11-0001156-LIC
Payment and shipping: Cashapp ,venmo and all cryptocurrency’s

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16 received reviews (94% positive, 15/16)

Got both Apple Fritter and Blueberry Muffin. Had to get a replacement for the Blueberry Muffing but Rafa came through. Both large and healthy.

Jesse about listing Custom licensed clone mega list!! 8 months ago.

Nothing went smoothly at all. Poor communication, not willing to work with me. Small barely alive clones or clipping because no visible roots. Very minimal packaging. A 20 Oz soda bottle to be exact.. not going to buy here ever again.. lied about getting me replacements. Ignores communication.. shady character...avoid at all cost.... very disappointing. I can't believe they are allowed to sell on here.. I wish I could report these people....

Healthy clone arrived perfectly ;) Very satisfied. Thank You Rafa ~ The Babylon Collection

The Babylon Collection