New Heights Genetics

New Heights Genetics

After breeding our own medicine for years, we have developed some truly unique, stunning and potent Autoflower genetics. We are organic with a focus on the best quality feminized seeds possible.

We would love to answer any questions that you have about any of or our strains or your grow.

Freebies with every order.

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Disclaimer: These are for souvenir and novelty purposes only. We take no responsibility for any illegal use of products purchased from us. Do not cultivate them in countries or regions where it is prohibited.

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Smooth sailing. Thank you

GirlrillaUK about listing Insight Auto Fem (5pk) 6 months ago.

Arrived yesterday and I can't wait to get some of them started. This was my second order from New Heights Genetics and everything went very smoothly...the mark of true professionalism. Shipping took exactly two weeks from Eastern Cananda to Southeastern Washington State. Seem long but the USPS hasn't been the same since Trump. I've been an indoor grower for seven years. Last season I grew "Insight" and "DJ Glue" outdoors and indoors under LED lighting. Insight was the favorite, but both were well worth growing. I got better yields indoors but the effects were pretty close to the same. I'm a lot more experienced with indoor growing and that's probably why the outdoor yields were lacking. A great company with wonderful genetics.

gutchef about listing Insight Auto Fem (5pk) 1 year ago.

% germination rate!!! I popped 3 beans of each strain I got and they all germinated!!! Can’t wait to see what they become!!! Well recommended, fast shipping +freebies

Jorge about listing Insight Auto Fem (5pk) 1 year ago.
New Heights Genetics