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"On top of the world, how high can I get you?"

Shipping is 5$ and freebie with every order. Always free seeds for anyone that comes back with pics or logs of their grows of my plants. Majority untested crosses but from the most solid of genetics and test grows from others are coming in with positive reviews all the time, 90%+ germ rate on tested cultivars.

OnTopOfTheWorld Genetics. Small town breeder that's just trying to chuck some good genetics at each other and hoping for the best. I'll be learning to pheno hunt and stabilize as I get more of my own cultivars made to work with and the time to work them.

Trying to supplement income for the wife and kids with my passion in life, thanks deeply for your time, energy, and patronage.

Feel free to mix and match as many as you'd like!

Current available list;

1$ a seed;

 • Paczkis - Pancakez x Pure Michigan F2
 • Pictured Rocks F1 - Blue Moon Rocks x Pure Michigan F2
 • Black Ass F1 - White Thunder x Pure Michigan F2
 • Thot Breath F1- Supafreak x Pure Michigan F2
 • I96 F1 - GG4 RIL x Pure Michigan F2
 • Coastal Dreams F1- Dosibite x Pure Michigan F2
 • Huron Sunrise F1- Empire of the Sun x Pure Michigan F2
 • Deep Jungle Tribe F1 - 1973 Durban x Nature Essence
 • Country Air F1 - Mendobreath S1 x Pure Michigan F2
• Detroit Diesel F1 - Sour Diesel x Pure Michigan F2

2$ a seed;

• Faygo Cola F1- Frozen Coke x Pure Michigan F2
•Pure Michigan F3 - Pure Michigan F2 x Pure Michigan F2 - open pollinated

Payment and shipping: PayPal, Cash App, Cryptocurrency, Venmo, Zelle

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Excellent, simply excellent, a MUST try...

Slowgin about listing I-96 F1 Reg 6 days ago.

Always good service. A+

BlakStarr (KKG) about listing I-96 F1 Reg 10 days ago.

Good stuff coming out of OTOTW, grab some beans and see for yourself!

BlakStarr (KKG) about listing I-96 F1 Reg 10 days ago.
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