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Quality First - Heirloom & Exotic Genetics - 100% Sterile & Authentic

We have been growers, genetic collectors, and propagation enthusiasts for many years. We stand by everything we offer, and have an impeccable standard for IPM and sanitation. We look forward to working with you. Thank you!


M E N U :

Tier 1 - $100

Baby Jokerz - Compound Genetics
(White RNTZ X Jet Fuel Gelato) - CLTVTD Genetics

Glitter Bomb (El Chivo #5) - Compound Genetics
(OGKB Blueberry Headband X Grape Gasoline #1) - CLTVTD Genetics

Grapes & Cream - Cannarado Genetics
(Grape Pie X Cookies & Cream) - Phinest

Kush Crasher - Seed Junky Genetics
(Pure Kush X Wedding Crasher) - Phinest

Granimals - Cannarado Genetics
(Grape Pie X Animal Cookies) - Phinest

GrandiGuava - Grandiflora Genetics
(Guava Gelato S1) - Purple City Genetics

Chauffeur - Cannarado Genetics
(Wedding Cake X Zkittlez X Sundae Driver) - Phinest

Gelatti - Cannarado Genetics
(Gelato X OG Biscotti) - Phinest

Fatso - Cannarado Genetics
(GMO X Legend OG) - Phinest


I P M / P A T H O G E N S :

Tumi Genomics
All mothers are tested for any pathogens before clones are taken. (Hop Latent Viroid, Fusarium, Pythium)

Lost Coast Plant Wash
Used weekly on all mothers, freshly plugged clones are also foliar sprayed.

Tools, Supplies, and SOPs
All mother plants are grown in a sterile coco and perlite mix.
Each mother plant is hand-watered in their own separate pot saucer to prevent run-off contamination. Each mother plant has its own cutting sheers, no tools are shared, all tools are cleaned with a 10%+ bleach solution before and after each use.
Clonex Gel is syringed into each rockwool clone cube, to avoid cross contamination.
Gloves are used and sanitized with bleach solution between each genetic.
Mother plants are treated with a hypocholorous acid root drench weekly.
All new genetics are quarantined, pathogen tested, and inspected for pest pressure, before clones are taken.

S H I P P I N G :

UPS Express / USPS Priority Express Shipping (1-3 days) - $20
Mailing Heat Packs - $5

P A Y M E N T :

CashApp / Bitcoin / Cash by Mail (Must provide tracking number, dealers choice freebie with Cash payment)

D E A L S :

Pink Pack (2) - Two rooted dealers choice clones. - $175
Pink Pack (4) - Four rooted dealers choice clones - $300
(Chosen from any price category. Deals do not compound with any other discount. Dealers choice, no request)

I N S T A G R A M :

Disclaimer / Policy: We make sure all of our inventory is healthy before shipping. We are not responsible for grower error, or weather issues in your area (do not order if your local area is below 50 or above 90 degrees). We will resend lost in mail, or dead on arrival orders. No refunds.

License #: ccl19-0000864
Payment and shipping: CashApp / Bitcoin / Cash by Mail (Must provide tracking number, dealers choice freebie with Cash payment)

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