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Pig Tail Gardens

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We're including +1 Free Mystery Clone in every box we ship out in 2023!

No more fear of missing out! We like rewarding our clients with Freebies, Extras, and Goodies! The More the Merrier! So we're extending our Free Clone Promo for the entire year!

Order with us Today, Next Week, or Any Month This Year To Qualify

All "Mystery" Clones CLEARLY LABELED, well rooted, and chosen at random from the extra stock we have on hand the day we ship out your order.

Pig Tail Gardens is a small batch breeder & cultivator located in Hollywood with ancestral roots that reach from Long Beach, to Virginia, Cambodia, and Thailand.

We believe in a methodical and soulful approach to our pollen chucking adventures, and spend a lot of time popping beans in large lots, extensively pheno hunting our seas of green, and thoroughly testing everything that we offer here from our seeds to our processes.

As such, we are working hard to bring our traditions to the contemporary frontier and hope that our selections, cuts, and crosses will bring a little bit of passion and soul from our gardens to all of yours.


When we got into growing one of our Uncle's who has been in the game since the 80s told us to always look out for those people spreading the love, because they'll give you the best service and results every time.

We hope the quality of our service speaks to the love we have for this magical plant, whose history is human history...


Replacements & Refunds

Considering the nature of our business, which involves shipping living plants in compact boxes, and the multitude of potential variables that could adversely affect the growth process between the time we send the plant and you cultivate it, we have established a robust and flexible policy for replacements and refunds. We strongly encourage all our clients to avail themselves of this policy to ensure their satisfaction.

Please us via chat or email if you have any problems with an order you've placed with us so that we can help you find a resolution, including replacements, substitutions, and refunds.

If your plants arrive in unviable condition, reach out to us via chat or email, and we can get a replacement or substitution out to you as soon as possible. If we cannot provide a satisfactory replacement we will refund you.

If your plants arrive and are ultimately unhealthy, fail, or don't make it through quarantine for any reason in the first month (30 days), reach out to us, and we can get you a replacement or substitution as soon as possible or with the next order you place with us.

If you are vegging or flowering out genetics you've obtained from us and face any issues, reach out to us and we can discuss a solution, including replacing the genetics with the next order you place with us.

If you are looking for a refund on an order that hasn't shipped yet, reach out at any time and we will cancel and issue a refund.

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These people keep their word! Awesome genetics at AWESOME prices! And did I mention freebies? Because, believe it or not, got another clone when I bought the first at an great price! Gotta love it!

Great seller. A+

Everything went smoothly and will be purchasing from PTG again….really good stuff!!!!!!!

Pig Tail Gardens