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Pig Tail Gardens

Now Accepting Swaps and Trades. Looking for high quality genetics from the best and most hype breeders. Rare and "lost" packs. If theyve got history or are hot hot hot we might be interested in a trade so give us a shout. Sealed packs from Dying Breed and Terp HogZ are especially wanted right now.

Looking for a good cut or original pack of Peach RingZ

Instagram: PigTailGardensLA
Website: Pig Tail Gardens dt Com

♪ ♫ To live and die in LA ♪ ♫

Black Culture and History is a very integral part of SoCal's canna scene going back to the 70s, 80s, and 90s. So in solidarity and celebration of Black History Month we will EXTEND our promotion of giving away a FREE and LABELED Mystery Clone in every box we ship for the ENTIRE MONTH of February!

All "Mystery" Clones CLEARLY LABELED, well rooted, and chosen at random from the extra stock we have on hand the day we ship out your order.



If you notice a white/yellow residue dried in grooves and or spots on the leaves of your new girls its most likely where the foliar spray dried on the leaf and is MOST CERTAINLY NOT PM.

Sulfur applications are used across many different agricultural industries around the world as it is one of the cheapest and most effective treatments for a LOT of common issues so there is no reason to be alarmed.

In fact, sulfur is so effective it eradicates PM on contact. If you're ever facing a PM issue, a Sulfur douse will solve it.

SECOND NOTE: Please allow for 7-10 days to elapse before spraying with an OIL BASED IPM treatment to avoid the possibility of a phototoxic reaction.


All Grapez (Pig Tail Gardens)
Cheetah Piss (Cookies)
Cuban Black Haze (piffcoast)
First Class Funk (Compound/CLTVTD)
Gelonade (Connected)
Girl Scout Cookies (Forum)
Glitterbomb (NorCal ICMag)
Godfather OG (Alpa OG x XXX OG)
Ice Cream Man #5 (Compound/CLTVTD)
Karmic Mentalitiez (Pig Tail Gardens)
Kryptochronic (Compound)
Lemon Pastries (Compound/CLTVTD)
Life Hack (Compound)
Orange Acai (Compound/CLTVTD)
Overflo OG (Arhcive)
Pineapples in Space (tiki)
Sour Diesel (Heirloom 96)
Strawnana (14er)
Superboof (Mobile Jay)
Super Lemon Haze (Franco's)
Tangie Haze (Devil's Harvest Krew)
Waffle Cone (Compound)
Zawtz (Cannarado/Phinest)

Inquire for the full list


We will replace any clones that are not viable upon arrival.

We usually charge a simple flat rate for our clones:

  • Well Rooted Clones - $200-300 USD
  • New/Rare Cultivars - $400-600 USD
  • Elite Gear - $1000 USD
  • Standard Delivery - FREE
  • Overnight Shipping - $75-100 USD
  • International Shipping - $100-375+ USD*


International Shipping Costs are determined based on the final destination of the package.

For example, the minimum for even the closest international destination (Canada or Mexico) is at least $100 USD as we ship in 12 x 6 x 6 or 12 x 9 x 9 boxes. Packages going to farther destinations (Italy or Spain) can cost upwards of 300 dollars depending on how many clones you purchase. If you provide us your delivery address we can run it through our shipping logistics and get you the total cost for your international shipment.


When we got into growing one of our Uncle's who has been in the game since the 80s told us to always look out for those people spreading the love, because they'll give you the best service and results every time.

We hope the quality of our service speaks to the love we have for this magical plant, whose history is human history...


Pig Tail Gardens is a small batch breeder & cultivator located in Hollywood with ancestral roots that reach from Long Beach, to Virginia, Cambodia, and Thailand.

We believe in a methodical and soulful approach to our pollen chucking adventures, and spend a lot of time popping beans in large lots, extensively pheno hunting our seas of green, and thoroughly testing everything that we offer here from our seeds to our processes.

As such, we are working hard to bring our traditions to the contemporary frontier and hope that our selections, cuts, and crosses will bring a little bit of passion and soul from our gardens to all of yours.


We will only honor replacements up to 24 hours after the package has been marked as delivered by the postal service, after which point we assume the package has been delivered successfully with nothing wrong unless you tell us otherwise.

We offer refunds only after a replacement has failed and nothing else can be successfully arranged.

License #: C10-0000050-LIC
Payment and shipping: PayPal, Venmo, Cashapp, Zelle

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PGT has something for everybody, competitive prices, and clean clones.

It's safe to say this is one of very few places on Strainly I trust, and trust isn't easy to come by on this portal.

Did we mention the free Mystery Clone? Possibly the best part of the show, you never know what really cool high end clone you'll be getting, you simply can't beat it.

They show a lot of care and love for the plants and stand behind their clones, if there is ever an issue, consider it a non-issue because Pig Tail will take care of it.

The dude is really good, helpful, he’s got fire. I could smell the clones as soon as I opened the pack of clones

Good Transaction. Would buy from again.

Pig Tail Gardens